Process Management for Everyone

Process management and analysis tools were once designed for use only by experts. But that strategy is a thing of the past. To stay relevant and useful, business process management (BPM) software must now offer professional modeling capabilities to all team members within an organization, from beginners to business process experts, regardless of their modeling experience.

Get everyone involved, improve your processes, and unleash your organization’s full potential

One of the challenges for modern organizations is making sure every employee is engaged in innovation, especially in a changing world where old ways of doing business are already gone, or at least on the way out. Companies must bring their teams along as they face what for many will be a totally uncertain future. Building a culture of change, including an emphasis on adaptability and resilience, must be part of this effort.

Continuous process improvement is the key

Process management, and more importantly, continuous process improvement, is the key to this endeavor, as it provides the framework upon which innovation rests. Strong process management means an organization has the capability to react to changing circumstances, secure in the knowledge that the organizational processes critical to their day-to-day business activity are sound. When combined with a collaborative approach to creating new processes, as well as realigning existing ones through the eyes of the customer, process will decide who succeeds and who fails.

Of course, the development of great processes requires participation from everyone on the team. Analysis and optimization cannot be left only to BPM experts, especially when process improvement affects large sections of a business. It could be an employee in a completely unexpected area of a company who can identify the root causes of why a particular business process is breaking down, simply because they have different information, or a unique view of the process. In most cases, this employee will also have their own view on how to improve the process itself, and can offer their suggestions on how to best implement a solution that will increase efficiency, remove the bottleneck, or in some other way result in significant process improvement.

A cloud native approach to process management

The increasing take-up of cloud native BPM software is fueled by the same drive: These systems don't only target a few expert analysts or process owners, but instead support organization-wide knowledge sharing. Inspired by sites like Wikipedia and enterprise social networking, cloud native solutions have embraced the concept of ‘business process management for everyone’ to serve a wider range of users within organizations than ever before.

To respond to more agile businesses bringing a cloud-first focus to BPM, larger competitors can often find it more straightforward to keep “preaching to the choir”—that is, ensuring BPM solutions, especially business process modeling technology, is held in the hands of experts. Of course, if these specialists can’t get the models they create to spread to the rest of their organization, and have staff from all areas use and understand them, the point of mapping business processes at all is lost.

Improve organizational efficiency

It’s no coincidence most digital transformation and process improvement efforts fail; it's because the results aren’t shared. In many instances, businesses create silos without even noticing, often because they prioritize incremental gains in specific areas instead of focusing on a holistic and collaborative approach to business process improvement across the entire company. The objective should be to give as many people as possible the chance to analyze the way their company works, identify errors in process execution, improve organizational efficiency, and implement business process improvement ideas of their own.

From overall profitability to job satisfaction, having well-defined processes is in everyone’s best interest. With Signavio it’s easy to make process improvement an engaging topic that matters to everyone, from management to marketing and everywhere in between. Ease of use and collaborative design make Signavio an excellent choice for anyone interested in process improvement anywhere in your organization!

Process management in practice

Process optimization requires collecting input and information from a variety of people and places in your organization, but it doesn’t have to be messy. The question is, how can the expertise of all process stakeholders, potentially scattered throughout different areas, be captured in process improvement planning, then reflected in the final process models? The answer is effective collaboration within your BPM tool itself.

For example, the comment function in SAP Signavio Process Manager offers you an opportunity to quickly and conveniently include all employees in re-engineering your business processes, by simply inviting all stakeholders to comment on the current process via email. Each team member receives a personalized link, which opens the process model in a web browser. They can analyze the process in their own time, identify opportunities for improvement, then provide their suggestions for improvement directly on the individual process steps. Thus, all process stakeholders have the opportunity to participate in the discussion, integrate their knowledge, and coordinate their implementation strategy, no matter where they are based in the world.

Taking this interactivity event further, SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub allows you to avoid cumbersome, time-consuming email chains or searching through folders for the latest version of documents. Instead, responsibilities, roles, process hierarchies, and process steps can all be viewed at a glance, and feedback provided right in the Hub, on a specific task, or a broader operational process.

SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub also means all the critical documentation, processes, resource availability, and other information that underpins an organization's activity can be is available to all users in a single place. It also offers full integration with the powerful and easy-to-use tools that make up the rest of the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite.

Improve your business processes with Signavio

Move beyond simple mapping, and take on the challenge of business process improvement using cutting-edge business process management technology.

With the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite you can:

  • Introduce business process management for everyone - involve participants easily and quickly, no matter what their role or where they are located
  • Visualize processes for the entire organization - collect feedback and ideas from different areas, integrate them into end-to-end models, and optimize your processes
  • Ensure model quality - use process design validation and real-time editing capability to ensure your models are up-to-date and fit for purpose
  • Support a culture of continuous improvement - evaluate your processes against not just internal measures, but customer satisfaction as well
  • Identify opportunities to automate your processes - lay the groundwork for enterprise-level process automation in the future

Free trial: Get started on process management and process improvement today!

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… It all­owed us to easi­ly get the diff­erent bus­iness depart­ments in­volved in pro­cess design,­ which helped to reach high qual­ity document­ation­ and specific­ations.
Andreas Bertsch, Senior Manager CRM, AutoScout24 GmbH