Process Governance

Collaborative documentation of processes allows a foundation to be laid for optimal process and decision management. A team-focused approach provides team members with the opportunity to contribute their process knowledge, consolidation of this information provides the ultimate resource. In process management, teamwork is critical but due to the diversity of the challenges to be addressed, it should be combined with an efficient process governance strategy:

Targeted Processes with Process Governance

  • Process modeling must be standardized and presented transparently within the process architecture
  • Employees require reliable points of reference and best practices
  • Management need be able to view and evaluate processes in a decentralized way

Process governance means overcoming these challenges and implementing controlled and uniform process design throughout the whole organization. It allows you to:

  • provide standardized rules and tools
  • centrally manage reusable business objects and sub-processes
  • employ a lightweight approval workflow
  • gain a transparent overview of your process landscape

Applying Individual Modeling Regulations

If you are already using standards, such as the modeling language BPMN 2.0, take it a step further with configurable modeling regulations for the highest level of transparent and standardized process design. It ensures every employee has the right BPMN elements and tools they need. Standardizing operations also expedites the approval process and keeps uncertainty to a minimum.

Signavio is the ideal support to help you reach your goals and the perfect foundation to combine process governance with collaborative process design. Further assistance in improving the quality of your process modeling can be found in our free modeling lexicon. The ultimate support with implementing your process governance strategy. Get started with your process governance initiative now and sign up for the free 30-day trial.

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