Process Compliance

Businesses operate within a complex system of laws, regulations, and standards. Governing internal and external relationships and practices, the impact of a failure to meet regulatory requirements can be substantial - not limited to financial, criminal and reputational penalties and damages. Transparent management of the decisions made within your business every day is a crucial means of reducing risk. SAP Signavio Process Manager empowers your compliance efforts throughout your business.

Leveraging Process Compliance Successfully

All companies are linked to compliance through laws, regulations, and standards. If these requirements are not adhered to, the negative consequences can be substantial. As the issue of compliance is becoming increasingly important, companies are facing bigger challenges than ever when implementing their strategies:

  • Guidelines are coming into force at an increasing rate
  • The extent and complexity of the requirements are constantly on the rise
  • The costs of non-compliance are rising rapidly because regulators have ever wider access to data

Companies need a fast and secure way to achieve compliance objectives throughout the organization. With SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, you can implement a long-term, organization-wide compliance initiative. Create consistency in your daily operations and your operational business decisions!

The benefits of ensuring compliance using a business transformation platform at a glance:

  • Standards-based documentation of your processes, including risks and controls (ICS)
  • Providing interactive compliance policies for all employees
  • Implementation of regulations throughout the organization
  • Rule compliant support for operational decisions
  • Controlled execution and recording of workflows
  • Team-based compliance management throughout the organization

With the right platform, even complex compliance projects can be quickly implemented across an entire organization. Analysis of process and decision management as interconnected entities forms the ideal basis to enforce and monitor legal requirements. Make your process compliance a team effort by involving your employees and ensuring that everyone can participate in designing compliant processes and decisions. SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite can help. Register now for your free 30-day trial version.