Knowledge Sharing

Process knowledge within an organization is shared among various employees. In particular, long-term employees have built up a valuable bank of experience throughout their careers. This knowledge is indispensable, as it determines and shapes the working methods of the team and also the success of the organization.

Process Documentation and Knowledge Sharing is Essential for Organizational Success

What’s even more important, is documenting this expertise. An employee may not know the significance of a particular piece of information for another colleague, who may even be working in another department. It also becomes challenging for organizations when someone retires, taking their valuable experience and insight with them. Yet how can organizations ensure that employee knowledge is documented and also made available for others?

The core challenges for organizations include:

  • keeping knowledge within the organization
  • onboarding employees quickly
  • sharing best practices
  • establishing a culture of process improvement.

Detailed process documentation offers your team a valuable knowledge basis for daily work. With Business Process Model and Notation, you can record and document your processes. The four steps to success include:

  1. Establish an understanding of processes in an organization
  2. Document all knowledge in process models with BPMN 2.0
  3. Include all stakeholders in the process documentation
  4. Make process models available to the entire organization

Collaborative Process Documentation

Signavio provides the ideal environment for this. With the intuitive SAP Signavio Process Manager, you can model processes collaboratively in a team and document important information. You can jointly define who should do which tasks, where there should be links to other people and departments, and what you should watch out for when editing certain processes. You can then make these process models available for your colleagues in the Collaboration Hub. This way you can secure a unique understanding of processes within your organization. Onboarding new colleagues is easier, as they are profiting from clearly documented working instructions, which you have documented in your processes. In our case study, you can also read how T-Systems MMS are documenting their processes in a team and continually improving them.

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