Going paperless

Going paperless promises significant cost savings, but many offices are stuck relying on physical documents - the paperless office remains elusive. Office workers use papers such as forms, requests, authorisations and work descriptions as part of business processes, and then archive them to keep records.

Moving from paper to digital forms

Printed documents can make processes easy to follow, providing comforting tangibility, but they create more challenges than benefits.

  • Paper documents are difficult to find and prone to getting lost.
  • Getting documents to the right person introduces delays.
  • The more spread out employees are, the more difficult distribution becomes.

Organizations can reduce their reliance on paper by using a workflow management platform to replace paper forms with digital ones. A workflow management system’s form builder lets business users choose which information a workflow will include, without the need for up-front investment in a time-consuming IT project. What’s more, business users have the flexibility to make changes at any time.

Benefits of digitising paper forms

Moving from paper to digital forms offers several benefits:

  • Digital forms prevent mistakes and extra work due to illegible or missing paper forms.
  • Online forms enable smooth collaboration between workers in different locations.
  • Web-based visibility of current work and the information associated with each case makes it easier to find information.
  • Reducing paper use cuts costs for supplies, printer maintenance and storage.

Replacing paper with digital forms saves costs by reducing time spent on processes and the materials needed to complete them. Saving time, especially time spent fixing mistakes, also improves process performance, which in the end leads to satisfied customers. Go paperless to solve internal headaches and more efficiently deliver your product or service to its market. Check out Signavio Process Governance to get started with Workflow Management today. Visit workflow.signavio.com/try for sign up for your free 30 day trial.

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