Operational Decision-Making

Operational decisions are at the center of business in all industries, from determining the appropriate amount of credit to lend, to calculating a customer loyalty discount, to requesting internal authorization. Every decision carries risk and companies can pay a high price for poor decision-making both in terms of money and reputation. Decision rules are therefore defined to manage this risk. However, if only a minority have the expertise to understand and apply these rules, the consequences can be far-reaching:

Empowering Business Users to Manage Operational Decision-Making

  • Decisions are made without full consideration and decision-making is inconsistent
  • Risks materialize and costs are incurred, such as customers becoming insolvent
  • Customer loyalty is impacted. For example, a loyalty discount may not be awarded because the decision criteria has not been clarified.

Enabling all employees to define and execute decision logic promotes optimal decision-making throughout the entire organization, simultaneously minimizing the risk incurred by bad decisions. Software-based decision management enhances transparency by helping you manage your operational decisions alongside your business processes. Good solutions provide all employees with the means to execute optimal decisions and can be used to:

  • Realize consistent and optimal decisions in the long term,
  • Reduce risk and keep costs to a minimum,
  • Increase compliance,
  • Document, manage, and automate decisions with the inclusion of the entire team.

Improve Decision Making

Establish professional decision management in your company to ensure that daily business decision-making becomes an endeavor for all and not solely the IT department. Engaging your employees with the right tools allows you to capitalize on their expertise and encourages good decision-making to thrive. Empower your employees, improve decision-making and increase your business success. Sign up for our free 30-day trial today!

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