Collaborative Process Improvement

Companies on the path to operational excellence must address process improvement along the way. Collaborative process improvement presents a number of challenges:

Improving Business Processes is a Team Effort

  • lack of organization-wide collaboration
  • uneven and sporadic involvement, when starting with a small team of process experts
  • software tools that focus on a single user, isolating process modeling
  • missing BPM tool expertise among the people who do the work

Developing great process models requires input from much more than one person. This can present yet more challenges for top-down process improvement initiatives.

Key challenges in process improvement projects include:

  • How do you engage the people who do the work?
  • How can you extract workflow knowledge about how the work works?
  • How can departments make the way they work more transparent and improve communication with other departments?
  • How can process improvement succeed where BPM expertise is patchy?

Collaboration is key

Using collaborative BPM software provides the ideal environment to get everybody involved in process design and improvement.
Publishing accessible process models creates transparency that gives people in different parts of the organization insights into how their colleagues work. This shared understanding helps people talk to each other about how they work and, ultimately, to collaborate on process improvement, provided that their tools enable this communication.

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