Automating Record-Keeping

For many organizations, industry regulations require business operations to keep detailed records of work performed, including employee names, dates and times.

However, keeping records manually:

  • requires significant effort
  • results in incorrect and missing records
  • risks costly penalties when audits fail.

Although you can use an IT system to keep records, you only fully automate record-keeping when your software tools capture the required information as part of normal work.

To automate record-keeping, use a Workflow Management platform to support your business processes and record details of the work you perform. To set this up, you define a workflow and forms that capture the recurring tasks in your business processes.

When you use the Workflow Management system’s web-based forms to enter data and complete tasks, the system automatically keeps records of who did what and when. Managers gain visibility of the work as it happens and teams have a more convenient way to keep track of what they are working on.

Benefits of using Workflow Management to automate record-keeping

Using Workflow Management automatic record-keeping has several benefits:

  • The flexibility to define a custom process allows you to define process steps for precisely those tasks for which you require a record. This avoids missing data when people forget which tasks must be recorded.
  • A single click to complete a process task automatically records who completed the task and when it happened. The system operates like a smart task list that presents tasks and forms automatically, which saves time for team members who must record what they work on.
  • Task assignments show who’s working on a task and help avoid duplicate work. This reduces management cost and time spent correcting mistakes. Task assignment records show exactly what happened when multiple people worked on a task.

Workflow automation gives you more reliable record-keeping at lower cost. Moreover, business users have the flexibility to improve the process models without extra IT costs.

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