Business Process Modeling with the whole team

For many businesses, Business Process Modeling poses a great challenge. Having an extensive network of IT systems, a wide variety of customers and markets and sometimes even varying ERP systems makes consistent and collaborative BPM difficult.


How then, are you able to maintain standards and make processes available for all employees across different locations? Signavio has the solution. Over 1,000 customers have already decided to place their trust in the leading

provider in the collaborative Business Process Modeling market and implemented Signavio.


Business Process Modeling is fun with Signavio!


The standardized modeling language and collaborative tool form the perfect combination for getting the whole team working together on sharing and improving processes. The intuitive functions of SAP Signavio Process Manager make process modeling possible for people who are completely new to BPM.


Even employees who don’t normally model any processes can document their daily workflows very easily using BPMN 2.0 and get actively involved in the procedure thanks to Quick Model. In this way, processes are directly recorded in the key interface.


Business Process Modeling for the whole organization


Having well rounded knowledge of processes also contributes to your ability to optimize them; this is where the portfolio of Signavio features goes much further than just pure Business Process Modeling. In SAP Signavio Collaboration Hub participants can observe and leave comments on the diagrams that have been released for them.


It’s also possible to discuss diagrams with colleagues who don’t work in the same department as you, including those who don’t possess a license to use the software. Plus you even receive feedback about your individual tasks thanks to the unique commenting function. Overall this reduces the time you need to complete your work and means you can save yourself from boring meetings.


 Try out BPM for yourself with Signavio

Business Process Modeling can also be implemented with ease. Customers from all over the world and from all different industries have already been won over by Signavio and manage their own complex BPM projects as a team. In order to get a more comprehensive overview of all of the different

functions, you can gain an insight into Business Process Modeling from Signavio with our trial version. We provide you with the opportunity to test the complete Signavio software, free for 30 days. Why not try it out?