Signavio: Changes in version 13.3.1 (On-premises)

septembre 5th 2019

The 13.3.1 on-premise release of Signavio Process Manager contains the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases:

New with this release:

  • The “Share” menu now offers the option to see the published version of a diagram in the Hub.
  • You can export all user-created content to the translation exchange format (PO files). After the files are translated, you can import them back into Process Manager.
  • RACI reports now also list throwing message events for BPMN models. Additionally, you can now see those events listed as activities in Collaboration Hub.
  • We adjusted the commenting behavior. Users with a Collaboration Hub license can only see comments created on a published model revision. Modellers can see all comments on published and unpublished model revisions in the Editor as usual. For modellers who want to reply to comments on a published revision we recommend to switch to the Collaboration Hub and comment on the published model revision there.
  • You can now visualize attributes of a linked subprocess on a linking element. For example on a collapsed BPMN 2.0 subprocess. For that you must define the attribute for the element type and set a value for the attribute on the linked subprocess.

Important notes

  • Support for SQL Server 2008 has ended with this release.
  • You can only update your on-premises installation from version 12.3.4 and later. If you use an earlier on-premises version, update to version 12.3.4 first.
  • Due to database changes you cannot update directly from version 9.2.x or earlier to version 13.3.1. If you want to update from version 9.2.x or earlier, contact Signavio Customer Support.
  • The hardware requirements were increased, read more here.

With the 13.3.1 on-premises release of Signavio Process Manager, we also released Signavio Workflow Accelerator version 3.99.

This release contains all the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases:

Important notes

  • If you are using Signavio Workflow Accelerator together with Signavio Process Manager, check the compatibility list to make sure the systems’ versions are compatible with each other. We recommend updating both systems to the latest available versions.
  • To update Workflow Accelerator from a version prior to 3.72, you must first update the system to version 3.72 before you can update to version 3.99. Read more about this in the update note for version 3.99.
  • With this version,  we introduced an improved date field check. The check verifies whether a given year is truly valid, to prevent any issues from occurring later on. Read more here.

New with this release:

  • Improved overall performance of application and especially of the process editor
  • Shorter initial loading time
  • The “Fields overview” now also includes the usage of fields
  • With this version, you can log out of all devices at once
  • For easier navigation, we added pagination on the Processes page and all tasks pages
  • To make creating workflows faster and easier, you can now drop elements from the shape menu on a transition to insert the element directly and you can create a new role or a new input field directly with just one click.

Note that Process Intelligence is only available as SaaS version.