Signavio Process Governance 3.86 (SaaS)


General Notice

As stated in the release notes for version 3.78, the development team is still working on improving overall workflow editor performance. These efforts might temporarily impact editor performance or cause issues such as shapes moving while modeling. This topic currently has the highest priority, and will likely take some more time to resolve.

Fixed Bugs

  • When searching for Dictionary items in a field, the sorting sometimes hid the best matching result.
  • Filtering on date time and date values in a report was not possible.
  • Deleting more than one shape from the editor using keyboard shortcuts was not possible.
  • When configured case columns weren’t saved, no error was shown.
  • A process could not be opened if a gateway that defined a default transition had been deleted.
  • Changing the title of a form group if the process contained a multi-user task was not possible.
  • When trying to open a task that referenced a deleted field in the task description, an error was shown.