Signavio: Changes in version 14.9 (On-premises)

New with this release for Process Manager and Collaboration Hub (Classic):

  • We improved the caching behavior. Now, even more than 10,000 dictionary items in a workspace won’t slow down system performance anymore.
  • When modelling BPMN diagrams in the editor or with QuickModel, you can now have cost values calculated in Japanese currency, without decimals.
  • Signavio now supports client-side SSL authentication between the Solution Manager connector and SAP Solution Manager 7.2.
  • We have extended the configuration options for single sign-on (SSO):
    • Administrators can now set up SSO for their workspace on their own, without the help of the Signavio support.
    • They can enable automatic account creation for users who log in for the first time (just-in-time provisioning).
    • They can disable login with email and password via the security settings in the explorer. Then, only SSO can be used to access Signavio.

  • For security reasons, all customers who have already set up SSO using SAML must update their configuration in the next months. Signavio will let you know for how long you can keep your existing configuration. Read more in section Single sign-on using SAML.
  • Administrators can now import the ‘Process Step’ library from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 into the dictionary. This allows modelers to reuse information from SAP Solution Manager 7.2 in BPMN models. When exporting models from SAP Signavio Process Manager, existing process steps are referenced in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 instead of creating new ones. Even with repeated exports, Process Steps aren’t duplicated.
  • Signavio now supports the DMN 1.2 standard, which is accompanied by the following improvements:
    • The XML export for DMN diagrams creates files that comply with the DMN 1.2 standard. External engines executing such files must also support this version.
    • Annotations in decision tables are exported.
    • The model name and the top level decisions are included in the Drools export for DMN diagrams.
    • Users can define an additional domain specific name for dictionary entries. This name is used when exporting a DMN diagram to XML or Drools files, simplifying their execution. When modeling, the standard name of the dictionary entry is still used.

Fixed bugs for this version are listed below.

With this on-premises release, we also released Process Governance version 3.146

Important notes:

  • If you are using Process Governance together with Process Manager, check the compatibility list to make sure the systems’ versions are compatible with each other. We recommend updating both systems to the latest available versions.
  • To update Process Governance from a version prior to 3.72, you must first update the system to version 3.72 before you can update to version 3.146. Read more about this in the update note for version 3.129
  • The configuration for Single Sign-On needs to be updated, read more about this in the update note for version 3.129

In addition to the standard installation files, we released a Docker-based setup as a beta version. If you want to join the open beta phase and use the Docker-based setup, please contact Signavio Support.

New with this release:

  • New designs for “Processes” and “Analytics” page
  • Improved filters for case events export. You can use this new filter option to export only the latest case events or to divide larger exports into smaller files.
  • When you map outputs of a sub-process, you can reuse variables available in your workflow.
  • Organization administrators are now able to download a CSV file containing information about the users in the current workspace.
  • The editor provides clearer information about the effects of configuration options when you reuse a field.

This release contains all the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases:
Version 3.146, Version 3.145, Version 3.144, Version 3.143, Version 3.142, Version 3.141, Version 3.140, Version 3.139, Version 3.138, Version 3.137, Version 3.136, Version 3.135, Version 3.134, Version 3.133, Version 3.132, Version 3.131, and Version 3.130

New with this release for the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite

In addition to the standard installation files, we released a Docker-based setup as a beta version.

This setup contains all features of the Velocity edition of the Process Transformation Suite. If you want to join the open beta phase and use the Docker-based setup, please contact Signavio Support.

The following features are available when you install the Docker-based version of this release:

  • Now, most of the options available for managing folders and diagrams in the Process Manager explorer are also available in Collaboration Hub for modelers. You can find the details in the user guide.
    The functions are available when you switch to Preview mode.
    Depending on access rights, you can do the following:
    • Open diagrams for editing
    • Publish and unpublish diagrams
    • Rename folders and diagrams
    • Move folders and diagrams
    • Create and delete folders
  • We have unified commenting for Collaboration Hub and Process Manager. From now on, the comment section available in the Process Manager editor matches the comment section in Collaboration Hub.
    We added several improvements for commenting, for example:
    • You can reply to comments directly and this way start threads.
    • To address a comment directly to someone, you can mention this person in a comment and they get notified.
    • You can filter comments by status.
    • You find the details in the user guides:
  • We unified the Collaboration Hub settings:
    • You now find the appearance and attribute settings for Collaboration Hub in the settings for Collaboration Hub, they are no longer part of the Process Manager settings.
    • In Process Manager, all moved settings are disabled and the new location is linked.

This release contains all the features and bug fixes of the following software-as-a-service releases: Version 2.3, Version 2.3.3, Version 2.3.4, Version 2.3.5, Version 2.3.6, Version 2.3.7, Version 2.4, Version 2.4.1, Version 2.4.2, Version 2.4.3, Version 2.4.4, Version 2.4.5

Fixed bugs for Process Manager and Classic Collaboration Hub

Fixed with this release for Process Manager and the classic version of Collaboration Hub:

  • Word documents with an apostrophe in the file name couldn’t be imported to the explorer. We’ve fixed this.
  • The property panel in the editor didn’t work when a custom attribute of the type URL had an invalid value. We’ve fixed this. Invalid URLs are displayed now as a label.
  • Sometimes, users couldn’t use the merge function for dictionary entries. We’ve fixed this.
  • More than one language was used when creating Excel reports. This doesn’t happen anymore. Users can now create Excel reports in their chosen language.
  • In some browsers, the comment icons on modeling elements didn’t re-appear when they were toggled off and on via the toolbar. We’ve fixed this.
  • Users can activate more than one attribute overlay again.
  • Users can copy process documentation templates again.
  • The APQC import only supports XLSX files but didn’t show any error message when trying to import an XLS file. Users now get the feedback that XLS files can’t be imported.
  • In the commenting view, the wrong value of Boolean attributes was shown. We’ve fixed this.
  • Instead of opening the dictionary, clicking a dictionary link in the editor’s attribute panel now let’s you edit the link to a dictionary entry, as expected.
  • Sometimes, the copy function in the explorer didn’t work when copying a diagram to a different folder. We’ve fixed this.
  • Empty multi instance decisions in DMN diagrams caused an error when comparing revisions. This doesn’t happen anymore.
  • Sometimes, edges of imported BPMN 2.0 XML diagrams weren’t displayed correctly. We’ve fixed this.
  • Sometimes, the user group report wasn’t created. We’ve fixed this.
  • For some English models containing long German words, it wasn’t possible to export models as images, or open the commenting view or BPMN simulation. We’ve fixed this.
  • Referenced shape names weren’t shown inside the BPMN simulation overview. We’ve fixed this.
  • Repeated export of processes to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 no longer creates duplicate entries in the “Process Step Library”.
  • The dictionary import with the ‘Create new entries for all rows’ option failed if the Excel file didn’t contain an ‘ID’ column. We’ve fixed this.
  • In the editor of the new Signavio edition, the custom format for diagram elements wasn’t applied to converted elements. We’ve fixed this.
  • We’ve fixed the export of BPMN diagrams to XML:
    • The export no longer excludes condition expressions for sequence flows. Now, condition expressions are only excluded from the export for default flows.
    • If the attributes “Expression language” and “Evaluates to type” are empty, they are no longer exported.
    • For default flows, the editor now hides the attributes “Condition expression”, “Expression language”, and “Evaluates to type”.
  • When exporting DMN diagrams in which the top level multi instance decision has multiple output columns, incorrect Drools code was generated. We’ve fixed this.
  • In rare cases, administrators were not able to delete a user. This no longer happens.
  • If a model contained multiple pools, pool names were available for the responsibility assignment in the classic edition of Collaboration Hub. We’ve fixed this. Now, only names of lanes are available for the responsibility assignment.
  • In the case of long-running dictionary imports, it was sometimes indicated that the import had failed although the import was successful. We’ve fixed this.