SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.1.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • You can maintain translations for the names of directories, models and files.
  • All workspaces with activated SAML 2.0 support also support service provider-initiated authentication (no additional configuration on the SAP Signavio Process Manager side necessary). Accessing a resource in a workspace's Collaboration Hub will automatically trigger an authentication attempt. Note: By now it is not possible to initiate a SPI login by accessing the main page of the Collaboration Hub.
  • The risk management feature has left the beta stage and is ready to be used in production.
  • Cells in risk management tables can be overwritten if they contain attribute values of the following types:
    • Single line text
    • Drop-down box
    • Number
    • Dictionary link
  • The  Collaboration Hub's advanced search supports filtering by custom attributes of type dictionary link.

Fixed Bugs

  • It was not possible to deselect the entry diagram in the Collaboration Hub configuration dialog.
  • Dictionary items with no title in the default language were displayed without any title in the advanced search in the Explorer, even if a title was available in a different language.
  • The risk management report always contained English column titles for descriptions and attachments.
  • Elements of type ‘Group’ could be overlapped by other elements in BPMN and ArchiMate models, when they should always have been on top.
  • In some cases, the actual access rights of newly invited users to process documentation templates did not match the information that was displayed by the corresponding user interface dialog.
  • The predefined BPMN subset for elements supported in Signavio Process Governance did not contain all compatible elements. Also, the corresponding rule of the “Signavio Process Governance” modeling convention didn’t allow the missing elements.
  • In process documentation reports, documents that were attached to a task via bidirectional associations were not considered as input documents of this task.
  • Importing an AML diagram failed if it contained connectors with missing coordinates.
  • Importing spreadsheet-based entries into a subcategory of the Dictionary only worked if the user had write access to the parent category.