Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 9.7.0 (SaaS & On-Premise)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • Workspace administrators can now better configure the Collaboration Portal in a separate dialogue. Along with other things, it comes with its own logo, more colors and a choice of the displayed attributes.
  • The structure, content and design of the user manual was significantly improved.
  • New modeling convention: “Correct usage of OR gateways”
  • Detailed warning notification now appears before dictionary entries are deleted.
  • The modeling user login dialog was redesigned so it does not confuse portal user (for whom this login is not relevant). This idea came from the Signavio Ideas Portal.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Process Editor

  • Simulations of BPMN models: Discrepancies between simulation runs have been significantly reduced to allow better comparisons of different scenarios.
  • All ArchiMate viewpoints are now available as pre-defined subsets of the editor.

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • Automatic migration of table values to a list with a retroactive change of data type.

Fixed Bugs

  • Modeling convention: “Test of subprocess end states” is delivering results containing errors.
  • In some cases the save function for use cases crashes before completing.
  • DMN hierarchies, which have already been defined cannot be retroactively altered in the editor.
  • Using too many enumeration DMN elements can cause layout problems.
  • The BPMN 2.0 XML import is not working for some diagrams.
  • A click on the logo in the Collaboration Portal is sometimes leading to permissions issues.
  • The French translations are missing from the registration page.
  • BPMN simulation is not showing an error notification in problematic models.
  • When importing dictionary entries from Excel files, entries are showing as changed when they have not been.
  • The attribute visualization is ignoring attribute values from dictionary entries used.
  • When merging dictionary entries, internal system variables are displayed as attributes.
  • In certain cases, attribute values are missing from dictionary entries in the Excel import and export.
  • BPMN simulation: One case analysis may still perform paths despite them having 0% probability.
  • The version numbers are not showing in Safari.
  • Labels are missing when the QuickModel Editor is loaded in Spanish.
  • In some cases an incorrect URL is being sent out when users are invited to the Collaboration Portal.