Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.5.0

New/improved Functions

  • Internal Control System (ICS): Add own attributes of the type "Risks and Controls" to elements of your choice and manage risks and controls directly in the diagram. A validator indicates if risks are assigned to an element and whether controls are assigned to this risks or not. An additional report provides an overview over all risks and control of selected processes.
  • The position of the commentary and the document icon (paper clip) in the portal was adjusted, for these icons were not assigned clearly in some cases.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • BPMN 2.0 XML import: During the import process assigned intermediate events are assigned to the wrong process.
    • Saving might fail in some cases if the default language is Danish.
    • In some cases creating own attributes under Mac OS X might fail.
    • In the dictionary spread sheet report attributes of the type dictionary link and Boolean might be missing.
    • The process documentation templates accidentally allow the embedding of an image via an external URL.
    • When using the Internet Explorer 9, in the diagram selection dialogue of the process documentation handbook folder and diagram symbols are not completely visible.
    • In the editor attributes of the type document/URL are displayed as empty in some cases. After a click on the insertion field the content is displayed.
    • In the dialogue "Manage access rights" the name of the selected folder is not displayed above the list of permissions.
    • In some cases the process portal's language selection is not available, although several languages have been configured.