Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 5.4.1

New/changed Functions

  • BPMN 2.0 import/export: The import/export round trip of CallActivities has been improved. E.g., the values of the calledElement attribute are now kept. The export of messages has been adapted to the XML scheme, in order to allow an import-export round trip of processes which contain messages. Additionally, the alerts and exceptions for certain problem cases have been improved.
  • Changing drop down attribute entries: Until now it was possible to delete entries in the lists of own drop down attributes. Now it is also possible to change existing entries, which does not affect their usage in diagrams.
  • In the "Manage users" dialog you can now add users directly to a group.
  • In the process portal preview (as logged-in modeler) you can now find a link at the end of the info tab to edit the diagram that is currently displayed. The link is only displayed if you have the right to edit the diagram.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In some cases merging dictionary entries may not work.
    • Saving a diagram fails, if two dictionary entries, which are used in the diagram have been merged before.
    • When using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9 to open value chains, the background color of elements and the color of labels may be wrong.
    • When using Google Chrome the browser may crash while modeling - due to a well-known bug in the Google Chrome Browser.
    • When using the Internet Explorer 9 the gradient is not updated correctly while changing element sizes.
    • The functionality to hide the Signavio branding within the PDF export (single diagram) is working inverted.
    • If an attached multiple intermediate event is hidden in a stakeholder specific view, the activity to which the event is attached to is hidden, too.
    • BPMN 2.0 import: If a process contains a bug and thus cannot be imported, an exception in the import routine may occur, so the whole import process will be canceled.
    • Editing a link in formatted description texts is not possible.
    • When using the Internet Explorer 7 or 8 downloading BPMN 2.0 XML files does not work.