SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 15.15.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • We’ve updated the support dialog in SAP Signavio Process Manager which now points to the SAP ONE Support Launchpad.
  • When editing a process that is linked to a Journey Model, the editor's name is now included in the notification. Read more about notifications here.
  • When exporting a dictionary to Excel, the currently selected category is now the default selection rather than the entire dictionary.

Fixed Bugs

  • When a workspaces' profile language is set to Japanese and you modify access rights to an existing user/group with predefined access rights, the new access rights wouldn’t be applied. We’ve fixed this.
  • After editing a BPMN model that contains a date attribute with a d/m/y format, the format would display incorrectly as m/d/y. We’ve fixed this.
  • When clicking content links of uploaded files in the Process Documentation report, the content wouldn't open and you would get stuck in a login loop. We’ve fixed this.
  • When opening an ‘Invite to comment’ invitation, the email address of the invitee wouldn't display correctly. We’ve fixed this.
  • When exporting Signavio archive (SGX) files, the export would fail with a message stating the export is too large even though the file size was within the file limit. We’ve fixed this.
  • When importing a Signavio archive (SGX) file between workspaces, only the latest diagram revisions would be imported even if all revisions were selected when creating the Signavio archive (SGX) file. We’ve fixed this.
  • After editing a diagram and sending it for approval, the approval workflow would send an older revision and not the latest revision. We’ve fixed this.
  • In QuickModel, after editing a custom attribute of type ‘Document/URL (as a list)’, the changes wouldn’t be saved. We’ve fixed this.

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.