SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 12.7.0 (SaaS)

With the 12.7.0 release of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we introduced the following new functions and bug fixes:

New / Improved Functions

  • You can now watch our “Getting started” videos in full screen mode, as we now use the Vidyard video player.
  • We upgraded the reCAPTCHA feature in order to protect SAP Signavio Process Manager from spam.

Fixed Bugs

  • The backlink from Solution Manager to SAP Signavio Process Manager is now reliable.
  • The Collaboration Hub activity feed is now visible to Hub users.
  • When merging Dictionary items, the names of linked shapes are updated correctly
  • Copying and pasting text in the documentation field works as expected. Previously, the cursor jumped to the beginning of the field.
  • Customers that use the API can now perform modeling guideline checks via API requests.
  • You will now get visual feedback when you exceed the description field’s 255 character limit, when adding or editing custom attributes.
  • You no longer get an unwarranted error message when working with modeling rule 5.9.
  • The default "Flat design" format is now applied correctly in the Editor.
  • When adding custom attributes in the Dictionary, the ampersand (&) character in drop-down boxes is now displayed as expected.
  • Switching the language in multilingual workspaces now works reliably.
  • The rich text editor supports line breaks.
  • The “Usages” dialog in Dictionary now shows all usages of particular Dictionary entries.
  • Values of a custom attribute of type “Table” are now displayed correctly in the Process Editor attribute panel.
  • Enumerations of a risk and control attribute are displayed correctly in the Collaboration Hub.
  • The Process Editor attribute panel no longer displays an error that prevents editing risk and control values.
  • When using Microsoft Edge, line breaks in Dictionary entry descriptions are displayed correctly.
  • Custom modeling convention rule names are now displayed correctly when running the convention.
  • When copying a diagram and using the “Copy all revisions of the diagram” option, ampersands (&) in the new diagram name are now displayed correctly.
  • Links in a published model’s feed now open the correct Collaboration Hub URL.

SAP Signavio Process Intelligence

With the 12.7.0 release of SAP Signavio Process Manager, we also released SAP Signavio Process Intelligence version 12.7.0, which includes the following features and bug fixes:

New / Improved Functions

  • A new investigation now shows the process discovery widget first, instead of the process variant widget.