SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.3.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • The comparator shows changed attributes on a diagram level.
  • As an administrator, you can configure single sign-on via SAML directly in the Explorer. Previously, it was necessary to contact the Signavio support team to request this configuration.
  • The governance report has been extended with additional data and items that have been moved to the trash are no longer considered. Furthermore, metrics for Collaboration Hub are now grouped together and can be compared to the current and last year/ month.
  • When opening a dictionary category in Collaboration Hub, the loading progress is now displayed.

Fixed Bugs

  • SAML 2.0 Service Provider Initiated Authentication with ADFS did not work.
  • In the BDM simulation as well as in the Collaboration Hub, Chinese characters were not displayed correctly in some cases.
  • In UML use case diagrams, extended use cases could not be dragged & dropped into a package.
  • The link to show changes in decision tables in the comparator did not work properly.
  • There were inconsistencies in the XML files generated by the DMN XML exporter.
  • The notification pop-up that lists unpublished dictionary items in the Editor did not display the dictionary items' names if it contained more than five entries.
  • After importing a BPMN 2.0  XML file, labels were not placed properly.
  • In some cases, a DMN Drools export produced incorrect output if the diagram contained business knowledge model elements.
  • Errors occurred on custom attributes when editing an existing dropdown list with non-ASCII dropdown items.
  • The export of different folders from the SAP workspace failed or did not complete.
  • When users were invited to Collaboration Hub, the invitation email contained an incomplete link if the workspace was configured for SAML authentication.
  • The PDF export failed if the model contained specific Chinese characters.
  • It was not possible to connect a business object to a business process with an access flow.
  • When opening the advanced search through the governance report, the result was not filtered by models or files.
  • Checking for duplicates using the modeling guidelines took a long time.
  • Loading breadcrumbs or a process hierarchy took a long time for diagrams with a large number of other diagrams linked via custom attributes.
  • The share link from Collaboration Hub was cut off.
  • In ArchiMate diagrams, nesting an application function in an application process was not possible.
  • When sharing a link to a dictionary item in the advanced search of Collaboration Hub the dictionary item did not load, only its ID was displayed.
  • Exporting the process documentation failed when shapes have no labels.
  • If files/links that are attached to a dictionary entry contained special characters the modelling convention check threw unnecessary warnings .
  • There were unnecessary notation warnings thrown while executing the 'Signavio Best Practice' modeling guidelines check.
  • Generating reports that include a large number of diagrams failed in some cases.
  • In Collaboration Hub, there was a white box element hiding the button for sharing dictionary entries and categories.
  • Special characters were not correctly displayed in attribute visualization layers.


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