SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.14.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • The names of input/output documents, linking diagrams and linked diagrams attributes in the Collaboration Hub are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Customers with a SPI SAML login can now open any Signavio link with an ID and the SAML login will start automatically. After the authentication by the identity provider, users will automatically be redirected to the page they originally wanted to open.
  • We added a link to the bottom right of the Collaboration Hub preview which allows you to open and edit diagrams in QuickModel if you have at least write-access rights (W).
  • Workspace admins can set higher access rights for users without the need to delete existing access rights on parent directories. Furthermore, it is possible to set new access rights for a user even if there are already access rights defined for this directory (update of existing access rights on the same directory).
  • On-Premise customers can now easily check via our system diagnostics page if their SAP Solution Manager 7.2 configuration is valid.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • Customer could not switch between different Collaboration Hub authentication methods.
    • Users that only had a hub license were granted individual access rights to the process documentation templates when not assigned to a group.
    • It was not possible to save scenarios without gateway probabilities in a multi-case BPMN simulation.
    • When editing diagrams in QuickModel, an error was displayed if the diagram name contained an ampersand (&).
    • When generating process reports for UML diagrams, no attribute data was displayed.
    • Data in dictionary items got deleted when moving an item to a dictionary category with the same set of attributes in the 'edit' window.