SAP Signavio Process Intelligence – March 28, 2022 Release

New / Improved Functions

Process data analysis

  • With the new Insights feature, you can uncover problems and inefficiencies in your process. The feature comes with the following functions:
    • capture personal findings on widgets or investigations and save them as insights
    • get automated insights on anomalies and correlations in the entire process, a specific data view, or an investigation
    • manage insights and assign a status, a value driver, and a user to them
    • turn insights into widgets to further investigate
  • There’s a new widget available: With the Correlation widget, you can view how two attributes correlate in a scatter plot chart.
  • We’ve improved existing widgets as follows:
    • Earlier, filters for choice attributes that excluded certain values sometimes automatically excluded NULL values. Now, NULL values are always displayed unless they are explicitly excluded, for example by:
    • In the Variant Explorer widget, you can now choose metrics to display for each variant.
    • We've extended the Breakdown widget as follows:
      • Earlier, different chart types were only available if the widget was configured with a SiGNAL query. Now, all chart types are also available when the widget is configured using attributes.
      • We’ve streamlined the options to select a chart type and its orientation. Earlier, there was a separate icon for each vertical and horizontal chart type. Now, you first select a chart type and then the orientation. Also, you can use the orientation buttons to flip the axis on the dual axis chart.
    • We’ve extended the widgets Breakdown, Over time, and Value so that they now also preview data and show the generated SiGNAL query when they’re configured using attributes.
    • You can now set thresholds for numeric and durational data displayed in tables, for example in the widgets SiGNAL table or Case table. Also, if you select “Table” as the chart type in the Breakdown or the Over time widget, the widget turns into a SiGNAL table widget and you can also add thresholds to numeric and durational data.

Widgets that will be phased out

The Variable Importance/Relate widget is being discontinued. As of October 2022, this widget will no longer be available.

Phase out schedule:

  1. Until the end of June 2022, users can use the widget as usual.
  2. From July to the end of September 2022, existing widgets will remain unchanged. But, users can't create new widgets of this type or edit existing ones.
  3. Starting October 2022, existing widgets will be removed from all investigations.

As an alternative to the widget, you can already use the new Insights feature. When generating automated insights, the correlation of all case level attributes with numerical values is calculated. The strongest correlations are then displayed as insights. Read more on insights in this section.

ETL data pipelines

Breaking change:

  • We’ve updated which special characters you can use in your transformation scripts. You must update your transformation scripts that don’t contain the allowed special characters. If you don’t update your transformation scripts with the allowed special characters, your pipelines will break.

We’ve improved the data extraction as follows:

  • We now provide a predefined template for configuring data extraction by script. When you start configuring a table in advanced mode, the template script displays in the script editor.
  • To extract data from different source systems, you can now link multiple integrations to a data model.
  • Several ETL connectors were only available as beta versions. Now, we’ve released the full version of the following connectors:
    • AWS Athena
    • AWS S3
    • Elasticsearch
    • Google BigQuery
    • Jira
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • OData
    • PostgreSQL
    • SAP ECC
    • SAP HANA
    • SAP SuccessFactors
    • SnowFlake

We’ve improved the transformation and load as follows:

  • For faster editing of transformation scripts, we’ve added the option to find and replace elements in the script editor.
  • The transformation pipeline now runs up to 4 times faster.
  • We’ve cleaned up the user interface as follows:
    • We've standardized the functions in the menu on top of all pages that are used for the ETL configuration.
    • We’ve removed the ‘ExecutionType’ column from the pipeline logs.

SiGNAL – Signavio Analytics Language

We’ve extended SiGNAL as follows:

  • SiGNAL now supports Window Functions:
    • Window functions support RANGE BETWEEN for window frames.
    • Window functions support LAG, LEAD, and ROW_NUMBER.
  • With the UNION ALL operator, you can combine the result sets of two or more SELECT statements.


Read how to use data transformation templates in this section and how to work with metrics in this section

The documentation of data transformation templates and metrics is only available on request. To request access, please contact your Customer Success Manager.