SAP Signavio Process Intelligence – January 10, 2022 Release

New / Improved Functions

Process data analysis

We’ve improved the widgets as follows:

  • Users can now see the complete date and time when they hover over the fields with timestamps in widgets that display data in tables. These widgets are the Breakdown, Over time, Case table, and SiGNAL table widget.
  • In the Process Discovery widget, we’ve renamed the ‘Variants’ slider to ‘Paths’, to better describe its function.
  • The widget ID can’t be copied when an investigation is private. Users can now see this information when they hover over a disabled ‘Copy widget ID’ entry in the widget menu. Read how to copy the widget ID in this section, and how to change the status of an investigation in this section.

ETL data pipelines

We’ve improved the data extraction as follows:

  • Special characters are now supported in column aliases, read more in this section.
  • We’ve improved the user interface to provide a better overview of all the data. You no longer configure the data extraction in a small side menu, instead a whole browser page is available for this purpose. Read more on the data extraction in this section.
  • When you customize an integration by script, a linter now highlights script errors, read more in this section.

We’ve improved the transformation and load as follows:

  • The editor for event collector and case attribute scripts now provides a linter that highlights script errors, read more in this section.
  • The transformation preview loads 70% faster than before, runs asynchronously, and can be canceled at any given moment. Read how to add and customize transformation rules in this section.
  • The load step now runs 6 times faster than before.
  • We’ve extended the information in the pipeline logs to include the following:
    • a progress bar indicating the number of executions remaining until completion
    • the number of rows extracted per table
    • the number of transformed events and cases

SiGNAL – Signavio Analytics Language

We’ve extended SiGNAL as follows:

  • We’ve added the following date functions:
    • DATE_TRUNC to truncate the displayed precision level of timestamps
    • DATE_PART to extract a date part from a given timestamp
  • With the new TABLESAMPLE clause, you can specify either the absolute or percentage table fraction to be considered for a query.
  • Subqueries are now supported in the FROM clause and in the FLATTEN operator. Find example queries in this section.
  • We’ve added the following arithmetic functions:
    • SQRT: returns the square root of a numeric expression POW: returns the base to the exponent power
    • LOG: returns the exponent of the equation x = b ^ (y) -> log (b,x) = y of a numeric expression
    • SIGN: returns the sign of a real number of a numeric expression
    • PERCENTILE_CONT and PERCENTILE_DISC: return the percentile rank of a column
    • MEDIAN: returns the median value of a range of values

Note on breaking changes:

  • We’ve unified the behavior of the GROUP BY clause. This can affect your queries and, as a result, break existing widgets. You can fix existing widgets with the following options:
    • Remove the GROUP BY clause as it is optional and correctly derived by the engine for all existing queries.
    • Adjust the queries by specifying the correct column indices.

Business solutions

  • We’ve added the following new data transformation templates that you can use to set up data pipelines:
  • We’ve updated the following templates:
    • Order-to-Cash for SAP ECC: We've removed the table VBUK from the extraction for better performance. This change applies only to new pipelines, whereas the existing pipelines remain unaffected.
    • Incident-to-Resolution for ServiceNow: Pipelines sometimes resulted in output with duplicate case IDs. We have adjusted the case attribute scripts so that this no longer happens. This change applies only to new pipelines, whereas the existing pipelines remain unaffected.

The documentation about data transformation templates is only available on request. To request access, please contact your Customer Success Manager.