SAP Signavio Process Intelligence – February 2023 Update

New Endpoints for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence Ingestion API in AU region

What is going to change?

We have introduced new API endpoints to workspaces hosted in Australia, which you can implement and run in your productive environment. The existing API endpoints will continue to work until further notice. 

Why is this change necessary? 

To improve and harmonize the SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite, we have started to roll out a new API and connectivity technology. With our new SAP Signavio API Gateway, we can provide the best possible integration experience including industry-standard security features. You can already use the SAP Signavio API Gateway by implementing the new API endpoints.

When will the change take effect?

The new API endpoints are immediately available in workspaces hosted in Australia (

Are you affected by the change?

If you are uploading data to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence by using the Ingestion API, we strongly recommend switching to the new API endpoints.

The existing API endpoints continue to work for the time being but must be considered deprecated. We will inform you about their deactivation.

Until then, the following applies:

  • Created API  tokens and connections keep working.

  • There are no functional changes of the API.

  • If you need to certify your API endpoints, we recommend triggering that process for the new endpoints.

What do you need to do now?

Switch to the new API endpoints in your Postman tool, script, and middleware accordingly and check your connections.

We are happy to support you in switching to the new API endpoints. Please reach out to your Customer Success manager or to our support experts via the SAP ONE support launchpad.

Find the API documentation and details on how to use it on the documentation website and in the SAP API Business Hub

Overview of existing and new API endpoints

Endpoints to upload the schema and data:

  • Existing endpoint:

  • New endpoint:

Endpoints to get the status of the ingestion request:

  • Existing endpoint:<<REQUEST-UUID>>/status

  • New endpoint:<<REQUEST-UUID>>/status