SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub: Changes in Version 4.4.0

New / Improved Functions

  • You can now start approval workflows from SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. For details, see the user guide.
  • When navigating diagrams in full screen, there’s now a new back button to take you back to the previous diagram.
  • The mini map now remembers the visibility that you last set across diagrams.
  • When the zoom toolbar or the minimap are idle, they now become translucent so they don’t block the diagram underneath.
  • On large value chains or navigation maps, the zoom toolbar and the minimap will always remain visible on screen.
  • Value chains and navigation maps now show the full diagram by default. The diagram card size adjusts automatically to fit the whole diagram.
  • The diagram card header is more responsive, and is no longer cut off on smaller screens.

      • We have improved the search function:

        • Filters can now be added before you start the search and they are taken over to other categories automatically.
        • Search results open in a new tab.
        • Breadcrumbs are included in results to provide context.
        • "Search in content" is always enabled.