Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 9.5.1 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Decision Manager

  • When changing decisions with the BDM simulation, the state of inputs is adopted
  • The decision tables shown in the BDM simulation now support hierarchies.

Fixed Bugs

  • In the dialogue ‘manage user and access rights’, names of users (and user groups) appear incompletely in certain cases.
  • When opening models in the Editor, the captions are sometimes displaced from the edges.
  • The generation of process handbooks sometimes fails.
  • In the Collaboration Portal, attribute types risks and controls are partially illegible.
  • The generation of a Process Cost Report sometimes fails.
  • In certain cases, the preview of the portal is displayed in the wrong language
  • Sometimes there is data missing which is needed for the analysis of bottlenecks in the process simulation.
  • In the process simulation, certain captions appear differently in the interactive display to the Excel report.
  • In certain cases, process handbooks cannot be generated if diagrams are linked which are no longer accessible.
  • Decision tables cannot be edited in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
  • In the attribute list in the Editor, certain dictionary terms are erroneously highlighted as ‘modified’.
  • In certain cases, existing DMN diagrams which use multi-instances decisions can no longer be opened.