Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 9.4.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions of the Signavio Platform

  • It is now possible to subscribe to email alerts for dictionary categories and dictionary entries.

New / Improved Functions in the Signavio Decision Manager

  • Literal expressions can now also include complex expressions. These are then properly applied in the Simulation, Test Lab or in the Drools Export. In addition to this there are three further functions that can now be used in an expression: Append(List, Item) - adds an entry (Item) to the list (List); AppendAll(ListA, ListB) - adds all entries from the second list to the first list and returns a copy of the list; Zip(AttributeList, Lists) The zip function merges several lists to one list of complex entries, e.g. “Zip([‘name’, ‘age’], [Name, Ages]).
  • Multiple-instance decisions can now be used as an entry for a multiple-instance decision.
  • Multiple-instance decisions are now supported completely in the Drools Export.
  • The manifesto in the Drools Export now also displays list data types. Additionally, every decision contains the fields “requiredDroolsFields” and “outputDroolsType”, which reference the input data used and the output data types produced.
  • The Test Lab now also supports multiple-instance decisions.

Fixed Bugs

  • Verifying a date doesn’t work properly with the operator “>=”.
  • Lists of enumerations don’t work in the Test Lab.
  • In the Editor standard dictionary categories are, in certain circumstances, shown with the wrong translation.
  • Descriptions of the linked sub-processes are sometimes displayed in the wrong format in the new portal.
  • In certain cases the window displaying details of diagram elements remains empty in the Portal even though the data has been recorded.
  • In certain cases the process level in the new portal is displayed incorrectly.
  • In some circumstances, previews in explorer and the comment view aren’t displayed correctly.
  • Diagrams are failing to restore in the recycling bin if the source folder has been deleted in the meantime.
  • In some cases diagrams are failing to produce properly.
  • Two technical BPMN attributes are displayed incorrectly in the old Portal.
  • The risks and controls are sometimes missing in the PDF export of diagrams.
  • The QuickModel Editor suggests dictionary entries from other categories for distinct attributes that point to a certain dictionary category.