Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 9.0 (SaaS)

We are announcing the immediate availability of the Signavio Decision Manager. The Signavio Decision Manager allows the installation of business decision management in your organisation. The combination of business decision management and business process analysis on one platform offers unique possibilities. The Signavio Process Editor and the Signavio Decision Manager can be purchased separately or as a combined solution.

Signavio Decision Manager

New Features

  • DMN Requirements Diagrams (DRD): The new specification Decision Model & Notation Standard™ (DMN 1.0) is fully supported. Make smarter decisions and reduce risks by analyzing business decisions in DMN requirements diagrams (DRD). DRD are comprised of a set of DMN elements, and their connection rules. Diagrams can be connected to business process models, enabling processes and decisions to be managed in one platform. Requirements diagrams are also available for the Signavio Process Editor.
  • Decision Tables: Decision tables are vital for Business Decision Management as they contain the information, which underpins each decision. By defining the variables required for your decision in the decision table, the decision-making process is considerably simplified. Decision tables are also available for the Signavio Process Editor.
  • Verification: The automatic verification of your decision tables in the Signavio Decision Manager ensure that your decision tables are consistent.
  • Data type definition: For reusing data types of input and output variables used in decision tables you can define these in the central dictionary.
  • Drools export: Drools is one of the most adopted Business Rules Management Systems. The Signavio Decision Manager offers an export of DMN requirements diagrams into the Drools DRL file format.
  • Test case generation: For the validation the Signavio Decision Manager automatically generates test cases of your decision logic.
  • DMN Requirements Diagrams in the Collaboration Portal: Requirements diagrams and their decision tables can be published and viewed in the Collaboration Portal.
  • Comparison of DMN Requirements Diagrams: The Signavio Decision Manager offers the visual comparison of requirements diagrams and their decision tables.

Signavio Process Editor

New & improved Features

  • In the diagram view of the new portal, a paper clip symbol is now shown next to the element where documents are stored.
  • In the diagram view of the new portal, a “Risks and Controls” overlay is now available.
  • Restriction of functions for user groups: In the user group setup, exports and imports as well as report generation can now be restricted.

Fixed Bugs

  • The creation of stakeholder specific views in the Process Editor does not function for large diagrams in some circumstances.
  • QuickModel creates unnecessary lanes when the persons responsible are modeled with a hyphen in the name.
  • In the simulation of diagrams without pools, resource costs of 50 € / hour are used.
  • After BPMN export and import, attached news results get lost.
  • In some circumstances, the configuration menu in QuickModel is not showing completely.

Signavio Platform (included in Signavio Process Editor and Signavio Decision Manager)

New & improved Features

  • The search function in the new portal has been enhanced so that search results are highlighted in attribute values diagram names, activities, comments and diagram elements.

Fixed Bugs

  • The creation of dictionary items in sub categories in the Process Editor, does not work in some cases.
  • In the Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, warnings are wrongly being shown about an incorrect zoom level.
  • After a modeling user logs out, browser tabs that are still open can hinder the use of the Collaboration Portal.
  • The feed may not show information about uploaded files.
  • The listing of the modeling conventions in the help menu is not functioning correctly.