Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.6.0 (SaaS & On-Premise)

New & improved Features

  • SAP Solution Manager Integration: It is no longer necessary to belong to the administrators group for synchronization. It can now be selected for each user group whether members can execute the synchronization.
  • The search results in the new Collaboration Portal now include diagrams, files, folders, dictionary entries and dictionary categories.
  • In the Signavio Explorer, any person can now be invited by email to view published diagrams in the Collaboration Portal. In the SaaS Edition, the installation of the client certificate is a requirement to access the Collaboration Portal.
  • The process characteristics with element details report, now allows the user to configure which elements and attributes are included in it.
  • The advanced search now also allows the user to search by the publication date of a diagram or a document.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • Standard values of own attributes at the diagram level are not issued in the process profile with element details report.
    • BPMN XML Import: The attribute of the message start event, named isInterrupting, changes from false to true on import.
    • BPMN XML Export: The definition of categories does not correspond to the BPMN 2.0 Standard, so the correct definition of categories in the Signavio Editor is not possible.
    • In the compact diagram view of the new Collaboration Portal, in some cases, identifiers of margins are shown in the wrong places.
    • In the list view of the Signavio Explorer, no standard values are shown for some attributes.
    • In the approval workflow, the standard value of the process owner is not included.
    • In the new Collaboration Portal, standard values of attributes from the type dropdown, as well as dictionary links in certain cases are not shown.
    • In certain cases, edges cannot be removed with the ‘delete’ button on the keyboard.
    • In certain cases, the publication of a diagram cannot be retracted.
    • The SAP Solution Manager export generates the process steps in reverse order.