Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.5.1 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • The Swiss eCH Standards are now supported in the current version 1.1. They are available as a modeling convention.
  • Standardization of dictionary categories: For each category, it can now be specified to which of the following classifications, the entries within the category belong: organization, document, activity, event, IT-system, result, request or comment.
  • SAP Solution Manager events in the activity feed: With the use of the Signavio integration for the SAP Solution Manager, import and export processes are now logged in the activity feed.
  • In a workspace, there is a separate process handbook template, this will initially be preselected for all users.
  • In the new BPM Collaboration Portal, space above the diagram title will now be reduced in order to better display the content, in particular with a low resolution and embedded portals. In addition, the symbols for referenced IT-systems, attachments and linked documents will be displayed in the activity list.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • When the version comparison of a diagram is opened from the feed, the new version is shown on the left hand side and the older version is shown on the right hand side.
    • When changing the definition of a particular attribute, in certain cases an unnecessary warning is shown.
    • With the Mozilla Firefox browser, when opening the Signavio Editor, no open comments are shown on the elements.
    • If someone is invited to comment then they can change the email address which is displayed as that of the author, by overwriting the email address in the cookies in the browser.
    • When using Mozilla Firefox, the Signavio Editor becomes unusable if the paperclip symbol for attached documents is displayed and an additional document is added to a diagram element.
    • When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, the simulation of the last entry into the table resources cannot be processed.
    • In certain cases, merging two dictionary items results in an error.
    • When moving a diagram element over another element that can contain it using the arrow keys on the keyboard, the moved element does not attach to the underlying element.