Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.5.0 (SaaS)

New & improved Features

  • More paper formats available in the PDF Export: There are now eleven paper formats to choose from in PDF export, especially large formats for printing in size DIN A1 or DIN A0. In addition, you can now choose whether small diagrams should fill the whole page.
  • Workspace name: A workspace can now explicitly be given a name. Previously, the name was derived from the name of the workspace owner and the owner’s organization. Above all, this helps users who use multiple workspaces with the same access.
  • BPM Collaboration Portal: The footer will now specify when each revision of a diagram was published. The detail view of an element in the diagram view now contains a speech bubble symbol to switch directly to the comment entry function.
  • Solution Manager Connector: The synchronization between the Signavio Process Editor and an SAP Solution Manager System was further improved and made more fail-safe. In addition, the installation package has been significantly reduced.
  • The process handbook template editor now enables content to be deposited in static tables directly in the template.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In certain cases, the glossary Excel import does not work when using Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.
    • The dictionary import dialogue also displays hidden dictionary categories.
    • In certain cases, if a diagram is linked to a subprocess to which the user does not have access, an error appears in the review of modeling conventions.
    • In certain cases, the new BPM collaboration portal does not load.
    • In the process handbook template editor, no links are displayed to documents that are in the template directory.
    • In certain cases, linked subprocesses are not issued in the process handbook.
    • Vertically oriented pools and lanes are not considered correctly in the process handbook in certain cases.
    • Some pinned intermediate events in BPMN 2.0 are wrongly displayed if the option, “Cancel activity”, is deactivated.
    • In value chain diagrams, the labels of collapsed processes is not correctly rotated in certain cases.