Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.1.0 (SaaS and On-Premise)

New & Improved Features

  • Process Simulation: You can now check the diagram while modeling directly in the Signavio Editor. Simulating BPMN 2.0 process diagrams requires that the diagram meet specific standards. For example, the diagram cannot contain any syntax errors.
  • Risk & Control visualizations for activities can now be included in the the PDF export.
  • Attribute visualizations include more symbols such as: IT-Systems, exclamation mark, clock, cross, and many more.
  • The email notification now contains information for administrators of a workspace about changed user rights.
  • When reviewing a diagram with the modeling conventions, it is now possible to jump directly from the element, where the violation occurred, to the list of results where the specific hint is shown.
  • On-Premise Edition only:
    • At the registration page and in the user management the licensee is shown with the possible end date of the licence.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • The read rights for Microsoft Active Directories do not work when the BPMN Collaboration Portal is embedded in the Microsoft Sharepoint 2013.
    • In certain cases, adding an IT-System to an activity in the Signavio QuickModel produces an error and does not display the graphical diagram.
    • After completing a diagram review with the Signavio Best Practices modeling conventions, an error is mistakenly shown when a conditional flow is used in the process.