Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.0.2 (SaaS)

New & Improved Features

  • You now have the option to include the diagram attribute visualization layers in PDF exports.
  • Modeling Guidelines Webpages: We linked the Signavio BPMN Best Practices to the Modeling Guidelines Wiki in the Editor so that you can easily access the information. These links are now also available in custom modeling guidelines, if a rule corresponds to a rule of the Signavio BPMN Best Practices. The “How-To Guide” - found at - makes creating and optimizing your business processes easier than ever with visual depictions and examples of specific BPMN best practices. Simply click the “?” next to any rule in the Editor, and you will be redirected to the appropriate Modeling Guidelines page.
  • The simulation module now supports execution times of up to 999 hours per activity.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In some cases, the Collaboration Portal displays the letter “i” like “l” in headings.
    • In certain cases, the first letter in a user’s name is not displayed in the commenting view.