Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 8.0.0 (SaaS)

New & Improved Features

  • Approval Workflow - change management for processes: You can now greatly improve and manage the approval workflow used to introduce process changes throughout your organization. Signavio’s Process Editor latest feature lets you establish a release process for diagrams prior publishing them to the process portal. Approval workflows are defined and managed seamlessly within the Effektif platform. You can now create custom routings, notifications and multi-level approvals for every process diagram in your workspace. Users can define unique approval workflows that can be applied both independently or to multiple models. The Signavio Explorer lets all users easily check the approval status of any diagram directly. Each stage is clearly represented by different symbols for each step in the approval process. To activate this new feature, Signavio workspace owners need simply link their accounts to Effektif. Effektif GmbH is a company of the Signavio Group. Effektif’s data protection standards are identical to those adhered to by Signavio. For further details please see section 2.6 of the SLA and User Agreement for Signavio SaaS, February 2014 ( and section 2.4 of the privacy policy, ( This function is available at no additional cost to customers currently using the SaaS edition of Signavio’s Ultimate-Edition modeler. The Approval Workflow function will also be available to On-Premise users at a future date.
  • The completely remodeled login & registration page is professional, chic, and tastefully modern. The new page also provides a small hint to the future design of Signavio’s user interface.
  • To help insure that everyone across your international organization has the benefit of good process created with the Signavio Editor, users now design and share models in non-latin languages including; Russian, Chinese, traditional Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Enhanced Email notifications now make it is easier to understand who has done what by incorporating the names of the people associated with the actions presented in the update digest.
  • The workspace Administrator’s view of the activity feed now includes events for changes to dictionary category permissions and group membership.
  • Automatically saved diagram drafts can now be deleted.
  • Fixed Bugs


    • If attribute visualization is configured to show a numerical value, the Collaboration Portal does not display the attribute value.
    • In certain cases, older activity feed entries do not show for saved diagram revisions.
    • When using the Signavio ThinClient, certain events cannot be selected to show details in the activity feed.