Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 7.9.1 (SaaS)


New & Improved Features

  • Diagram Copies: If you create a copy of a diagram in the Signavio Explorer you now have the option to copy the last revision and all previous revisions.
  • Activity Feed: Administrators are now informed of recent changes to folder and diagram permissions. You will now also see revision comments in the Activity Feed overview.
  • Dictionary Export: The spreadsheets now list the diagrams in which the specific dictionary entry is used.
  • Process documentation: The presentation of dictionary entries in the process documentation has been improved.

Fixed Bugs


  • Message objects can be connected to message flows via associations. This violates BPMN 2.0 standards.
  • In certain cases, a deadlock is shown mistakenly when simulating the BPMN diagram.
  • In certain cases, the label positions of value chain elements in print outs is different than the originally defined positions.
  • There are instances when it is not possible to edit dictionary entries.
  • Creating process documentation templates also creates new dictionary categories.
  • Modeling Conventions: Association expansions are not taken into account during the review of the diagram size.
  • Dictionary categories with subcategories cannot be exported into a spreadsheet.
  • In some cases, the visualization of numbers at diagram elements via the attribute visualization does not work.
  • In certain cases, the BPMN syntax check does not detect invalid sequence flows outside of process borders.
  • The BPMN syntax check does not show mistakes when intermediate events do not have any incoming or outgoing sequence flows (except linking intermediate events).
  • When renaming a diagram or a folder the mouse cursor cannot be positioned anywhere in the input field.