Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.7.5

mars 17th 2013

New/improved Functions

  • The currency for the process cost analysis can now be adjusted for a workspace. You find the configuration in the Explorer settings. The default currency is Euro.
  • Decimal numbers are displayed with the correct decimal separator and thousand separator dependent on the user's language setting.
  • Performance optimizations: Several improvements reduces the loading time of the applications, especially loading the Collaboration Portal with translated diagrams has been improved.
  • The save dialog now has a fixed size so that the buttons' position does not change after the results of the modeling guidelines checks are displayed.
  • The print preview of the elements' details in the Collaboration Portal is now always available and also contains the element's name.
  • The titles and description of some modeling guideline rules are updated for better understandability.
  • The process documentation now supports default values of custom attributes of type dropdown.
  • The BPMN 2.0 syntax checker now supports event-based gateways as start elements.
  • Process documentation: The font size of sub chapter titles can now be adjusted.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • In some cases it is possible to add invalid template elements to the header and footer of a process handbook template. This causes an error when generating a process handbook with this template.
    • Risk and controls: Dropdown fields always display English values, no other translations.
    • In some cases descriptions and attribute values are not completely visible in the Collaboration Portal, if a long external link is defined. The long link causes layouting errors.
    • In some cases main attributes are not displayed in the editor.
    • Process handbook templates: Settings like "Numbered" or "In Table of Contents" are reverted to the default value when loading the template in the editor.
    • In some cases it is possible to add more template elements to the header and footer of a process handbook template than allowed. In a generated process handbook the headers and footers overlap the content of the page.
    • Defining an invalid date format for a custom attribute causes an error when loading the diagram.
    • When changing the size of diagram elements, the connected edges are not repositioned in some cases.
    • The publishing date displayed in the Collaboration Portal is not the publishing date, but the creation date of the published diagram revision. (A republishing of a diagram is necessary to update the publishing date.)
    • In some cases page breaks are missing in Word-format process handbooks.
    • In some cases an error occurs when exporting a diagram as PDF.
    • In some cases a process handbook contains empty element attributes of type multi line text, although the template sets the option to hide empty attributes.