Signavio Process Editor and Decision Manager: Changes in Version 6.0.0

New/improved Functions

  • Data-Upload: You can now upload PDF and Microsoft® Word documents, pictures and any other kind of files to your workspace and link these to your diagrams. You can provide these documents via the process portal. This feature is only available with the corporate license.
  • Editing comments: Modeler can now manage comments directly in the editing view. By setting a status flag, comments can be accepted, ignored or deleted. In the commenting view, commenters can follow the comments of other persons live.
  • In the process portal (external) documents, which are linked to a diagram can be displayed directly in the tree view on the left of the process portal. This functionality can be (de-)activated via a configuration option.
  • The order of folders and diagrams in the process portal was changed. Now diagrams are displayed above folders. Additionally, numbers in the titles of folders and diagrams are interpreted accordingly, so diagrams can be sorted by number.
  • The Signavio Process Editor is now available in Dutch.
  • Extension for the customizable process handbook templates:
    • An example template can now be created in the template folder via the menu "New".
    • Elements can be positioned at six different places in the header and footer.
    • The portrayal of dictionary entries was completed.
  • Fixed Bugs

    • Bug fixes for customizable process handbook templates:
      • In some cases formatted text modules are not displayed correctly in a generated process handbook. For example, empty lines are missing or displayed at the wrong place or the order of elements in a list is wrong.
      • Values of own attributes may be displayed incorrectly in the process handbook.
      • If the process handbook template exceeds a certain length, modules cannot be inserted anymore.
      • In some cases the generation of the process handbook fails.
    • The creation of own attributes of the type "drop down list" may fail in case there is only one value in the list.
    • When a stakeholder specific view is selected in the process portal preview, the link "Open in editor" is displayed twice.
    • When deleting an attached multiple event in a stakeholder specific view, the activity, to which the event is attached, is deleted, too.