SAP Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 15.12.0 (SaaS)

New / Improved Functions

  • The ‘User/Group assignment’ report now uses the XLSX format and contains a fixed column width.
  • We’ve significantly improved the performance of SGX imports for files which contain more than 500 files, models, or model revisions.

Fixed Bugs

  • When using the SaaS API to generate the ‘Model metric’ report, the API connection would be unstable and 503 errors would occur. We’ve fixed this.
  • Dictionary attributes of type ‘date’ would display the incorrect value (UTC) when opened in a different timezone to where the attribute was created. We’ve fixed this.
  • The ‘Share’ button wouldn't be clickable because a long workspace name’s  ‘header’ tab would block it. We've fixed this.
  • When selecting both the ‘Is list’ and ‘Ignore Case’ options on the ‘Column Configuration’ page of a Business Decision Diagram (DMN), the ‘Ignore Case’ selection wouldn't save. We’ve fixed this.
  • When creating a ‘Process Documentation’ report which contains updated subprocesses, the old diagram names would be included in the report and not the updated diagram names. We’ve fixed this.
  • When running a convention check on process diagrams which contained two collapsed sub-processes and two different languages, the convention checks would run against the wrong languages causing warnings and errors to appear. We've fixed this.

Please note that this software release is deployed to our different systems, and over the next few days. You can check the  current software version in the help menu.