Signavio Process Manager: Changes in Version 11.4.0 (SaaS)

30 juillet 2017

New / Improved Functions

  • In the risk management editor you can now scroll horizontally and open a full screen view.
  • Search results in the Collaboration Hub load faster.
  • The Collaboration Hub’s search results view highlights search terms.
  • The process level pyramid in Collaboration Hub now loads faster.

Fixed Bugs

  • In some cases, a Visio import created empty BPMN elements.
  • After renaming a lane, the ‘flat design’ attribute values of tasks in this lane was reset to the default value (deactivated).
  • The PDF export of comments only contained comment metadata and not the actual comment texts.
  • In some cases, the search function in Collaboration Hub did not work properly.
  • In the revision comparison of diagrams, the button ‘Choose revisions/diagrams’ was not visible when diagram names were very long.