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Qorvo is in the business of connecting the world. More than 8,500 employees in 17 countries research, develop, and manufacture radiofrequency solutions for use in consumer and commercial technology, as well as create microchips for communication.

With the high-tech market growing quickly in areas such as biomedical applications, semiconductor capacity, and high-sensitivity touch for remote-access technology, Qorvo needed a business process transformation solution to match the company's goal of becoming fully digital.

In the video below, Qorvo's John Lertola, senior process architect, and Tim Drye, senior manager of process automation, outline the benefits of business process transformation solutions from SAP. They discuss how process mining has helped Qorvo unlock value hidden in the company's process models, and drive digitalization:

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • Manual process investigation and reporting, and difficulty understanding the connections between different areas of the business
  • Primarily text-based process documentation not widely shared across business areas, leading to unintentional operational siloes
  • Relatively little process transparency, meaning process issues and workflow blockages went undetected

Why SAP?

  • SAP® Signavio® Process Manager and SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub solutions to document and model business processes in a standardized way and improve collaboration across those processes
  • SAP Signavio Process Intelligence solution to compare process flows across business units and geographic areas to identify optimization opportunities
  • Benefit of preexisting best practices available for immediate use while allowing for customization and augmentation

After: Value-Driven Results

  • Directly compared accounts payable processes across geographic areas, identified best practices, and then rolled out changes across the business
  • Automated a wide range of systems and processes, saving considerable time and money and ensuring employees can focus on more human-centered tasks that add value
  • Developed transparent process models to drill down into process operations, to identify and resolve bottlenecks and other issues with the company's process framework