Business Process Modeling for Process Optimization

Business process modeling is much more than producing diagrams of your business processes. Visualizing and documenting work processes develops better organizational understanding.

Process diagrams enable analysis, aid identification of bottlenecks and kick start continuous process improvement helping unleash the full potential of your organization.

Communication is improved as a business process model provides a clear process diagram with an overview that makes it comprehensible and accessible for all stakeholders.

Signavio’s: Business Process Modeling Made Easy

Signavio’s QuickModel presents an easy, user-friendly solution to your business process modeling needs. The user simply completes the table with the steps of the business process and the bpm tool can model it.

Ideal for beginners and requiring no prior process modeling experience or knowledge of process design.

Business Process Modeling for Process Analysis, Simulation and Streamlining

Signavio takes your business process modeling to another level with additional features to simulate your processes, calculate both time and financial costs, and compare different scenarios for optimum efficiency.

The SAP Signavio Process Manager facilitates easy execution of business process modeling using the simple drag-and-drop feature to conveniently and quickly position the process elements. Diagrams are created in the SAP Signavio Process Manager in the modeling language BPMN 2.0. Diagrams modeled in older versions can easily be migrated into BPMN 2.0.

Fully Flexible Web-Based Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is an interactive process. To really be able to capture all the weak points and risks in the process planning, it is necessary to involve all stakeholders. Modifications can be promptly made and execution can be optimized.

The SAP Signavio Process Manager offers the next generation of business process modeling, with a cloud-based solution that enables seamless collaborative modeling. Experience how Signavio can transform your organization’s process design with a free business process modeling 30-day trial.