Press Release: Signavio launches Platform for Smarter Business Decisions

Sunnyvale/Berlin: Signavio, the German software vendor known for its cloud-based BPM platform, announces the launch of the Signavio Decision Manager, the first platform that integrates process analysis and Business Decision Management (BDM).

Historically, organizations have invested in rules based technologies that required programmer level skills to define and implement. As such, the definition and implementation of business rules have been costly and slow to adapt to changing business or regulatory needs. Signavio's new offering empowers business users directly, putting them in the driver seat regarding the definition of operational decisions.​

The management discipline Business Decision Management (BDM) goes well beyond rules and analytics. It is critical for ensuring compliance in an age of increasing regulation and helps focus on high-impact decisions. It also empowers organizations to decrease risk and leverage business opportunities in the digital era.

Signavio is the world’s first integrated platform that covers both Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Decision Management (BDM). At its core, it uses a combination of BPMN and DMN to model and analyze processes and decisions. Signavio’s tight integration with RedHat's® JBOSS® rules engine (Drools) ensures smooth collaboration between business and IT. Early customers have already successfully applied the new product in the context of financial markets regulation and tax compliance. With today’s official market launch, customers of all industry verticals can sign up for the free 30-day trial.

Signavio heavily invests in Business Decision Management (BDM). Recently, industry expert Tom Debevoise joined the software vendor as a Chief Evangelist. “It is the decisions that make or break a company”, says Tom Debevoise. “The Decision Manager gives you confidence that you are asking the right questions and generating the right outcomes.”

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