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Intuitive Workflow Management

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  • Signavio Process Governance enables:

    • No-code workflow management for business users
    • Process automation in mere minutes
    • Innovative Cloud workflows and easy integrations
  • What separates Signavio Process Governance from the pack:

    • Intuitive interface requiring no programming knowledge
    • Seamless integration with other Cloud systems like Salesforce
    • Shared task lists to avoid miscommunication and delays
    • Connection with SAP Signavio Process Manager to automate optimized process models
  • What benefits does it provide:

    • Automation of repetitive tasks so you can focus on value-added activities
    • Transparency about who is responsible for work and when its due
    • Process clarity because business users are in the driver seat of processes

Automate and speed up repetitive work with Signavio Workflow Accelerator

What is Signavio Process Governance?

Signavio Process Governance enables business users to easily automate workflows for themselves, speeding up work and providing transparency for even the most opaque processes. Never before has a workflow engine been easier to handle; it puts business users back in the driver's seat while providing the managed environment IT professionals desire and require.

More than 1000 customers trust Signavio

We aim to help clients set up and maintain business process centres of excellence, train in-house teams with BPMN2.0, DMN1.0 and Complex Event Processing skills, and work with you to select an appropriate BPMS solution that fits your individual business needs. Our scalable solutions can be employed as and how you need, including working to complement your own in-house teams as a flexible outsource partner.