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  • Signavio Process Manager enables:

    • Collaborative, intuitive process modeling
    • Cost, gap and impact analysis within and across models
    • Alignment of business and IT through a common, easily understood language
  • What separates Signavio Process Manager from the pack:

    • Immediate use and easy access through SaaS technology
    • Rapid process design for beginners through QuickModel functionality
    • Integration with other Business Transformation Suite software, creating a one-stop solution
  • What benefits does it provide:

    • Wisdom of the crowd through collaborative BPM
    • Company-wide transparency with Signavio Collaboration Hub
    • Increased efficiency of processes through simulation and reporting

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What is Signavio Process Manager?

Signavio Process Manager is an intuitive solution for professional process mapping and decision modeling. Whether you want to create current-state documentation or target concepts, it is your best choice for establishing transparency within your organization and leveraging the wisdom of the crowd. With support for process, decision, organization, value-chain and journey modeling, this comprehensive tool fully supports the needs of both your business and IT communities.

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We aim to help clients set up and maintain business process centres of excellence, train in-house teams with BPMN2.0, DMN1.0 and Complex Event Processing skills, and work with you to select an appropriate BPMS solution that fits your individual business needs. Our scalable solutions can be employed as and how you need, including working to complement your own in-house teams as a flexible outsource partner.