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Signavio Live
virtual conference - May 29
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Relive Signavio Live, the world's biggest virtual event in business transformation, OpEx and customer experience.

On May 29th, 2019, hundreds of professionals from around the globe gathered for 20 consecutive hours of process management and transformation insights.

Now this first-of-its-kind event is available to you on-demand! Simply fill out the form on this page to access session recordings from the likes of Deloitte, BBC, Prudential Financial and more.

From process governance in Sydney to cultural transformation in Alaska, there's a session for everyone, so don't miss out on these expert insights.

“Excellent initiative, great format!” - CISO

“Awesome sessions!“ - Automation Analyst

“Wonderful organization and very interesting speakers.” - Head of Process Optimization


00:00 GMT
10:00am AEST
8:00am SGT
DQA logo

Process governance: Managing & reducing delivery risk in business transformation

DQA - Steve Melville, Executive Director

Given most process excellence initiatives fail, how can organizations avoid the pitfalls & ensure success? With digital solutions driving higher volumes of increasingly complex change, join this session to hear insights into practical frameworks to control, recover and maintain delivery of business critical programs.

  • Why successful process excellence programs require a sustained capability to manage process performance and change
  • The importance of treating process excellence as continuous; delivering progressive incremental improvement, not a one-time change
  • How to put in place a process governance framework, to consistently control and guide how processes are communicated, used, measured and improved
1:00am GMT
11:00am AEST
9:00am SGT
Powerlink logo

BPM adoption: Insights from implementations across 3 key sectors

Powerlink - Dr Feras Abou Moghdeb, Business Process & Improvement Advisor

Australia's most experienced network connections team helps deliver critical services to millions of people. Discover how Business Process Management powers competitive operational advantage and drives value for customers across a range of business scenarios & industries.

In this session, you will learn:

  • BPM awareness: the necessity to create BPM professionals from BAU employees
  • BPM desire: objectivity vs. subjectivity in selecting fit-for-purpose BPM tools
  • BPM application: correlation of the different needs to speed and scale of adoption
2:00am GMT
12:00pm AEST
10:00am SGT
DKSH logo

Optimizing processes for enterprise-wide support

DKSH - Rik Goorman, Group Strategy and Transformation

For almost 160 years, DKSH has been deeply rooted in business across the Asia Pacific. Discover the strategy behind the Business Transformation initiatives which have helped deliver market expansion & optimization services for companies all across Asia.

  • The importance of leveraging process mapping across countries and business units.
  • How to improve the efficiency of back-office processes and free up staff time
  • The challenges of moving from manual and paper-based processes in an environment with limited standardization across regions
  • How to capture ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ processes, then develop solutions based on identified issues and underlying root causes
3:00am GMT
1:00pm AEST
11:00am SGT
QUT logo

Designing trusted business processes

QUT - Prof. Michael Rosemann, Professor of Information Systems and Executive Director, Corporate Engagement

One of the world’s leading thinkers in the areas of business innovation and Business Process Management - Prof. Michael Rosemann - joins us for this exclusive webinar like no other!

In the age of digital disruption & Royal Commissions, how can companies use Business Process Management to measure and capitalize on confidence and trust to drive business value?

In this session, you will learn:

  • The four stage model for the design of trusted processes - covering moments of trust, uncertainty, vulnerability, and confidence management
  • About a variety of business processes that will demonstrate the applicability across diverse industry sectors
  • Why studies point to the global erosion of trust in institutions and their business processes
  • How the provision of trusted processes exceeds the traditional Business Process Management (BPM) goals of time, cost, and quality - and beyond security & privacy concerns
4:00am GMT
2:00pm AEST
12:00pm SGT
Sterlite Technologies Limited logo

Innovation with BPMS: Bringing 'business' into the mainstream

Sterlite Technologies - Mohit Mathur, Head of Process Transformation

45% of data in India travels on Sterlite Tech’s solutions. How does Sterlite’s innovative approach to BPM help support Sterlite Tech’s ability to deliver solutions to the world? Working with almost all leading operators in Europe, and bringing 5G and FTTx solutions, Sterlite’s solutions are deployed in the extreme temperatures of Iceland; the deserts of the Middle East; and in the rugged Himalayan range.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What unconventional BPMS use cases look like, including processes no one thought could be automated
  • The power of BPMS data to create data-driven process improvement
  • The Sterlite context: Business overview, product lines, and challenges for BPMS
  • Why visibility of processes is important for an organization
5:00am GMT
3:00pm AEST
1:00pm SGT

Using business process management to support better transparency and control of critical processes

AMP - Vivianne Arcuri, Central Process Services Manager

Join this session for a wide range of key and engaging insights into:

  • Strategic direction behind AMP’s Signavio and Business Process Management Journey
  • Building and supporting a business process management capability
  • Case studies, hints and tips and pitfalls to avoid
6:00am GMT
4:00pm AEST
2:00pm SGT
Tech Mahindra logo

Enterprise back office transformation

Tech Mahindra - Rahul Agarwal, Principal Consultant, Business Transformation Services
Tech Mahindra - Raj Kumar Seth, Enterprise consultant, Business Transformation Services

Agile & scalable Enterprise Transformation is critical to organisations worldwide. Particularly so when you are operating in key industries that drive economic growth. Join Tech Mahindra - part of a USD 21 billion group employing more than 200,000 people in over 100 countries - for insights into the critical areas that help make Business Transformation a success worldwide.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to leverage digital transformation practices to bring scalability, optimization and operational efficiency to back office processes
  • How the shift from RPA to DPA can help achieve a digital state of maturity
  • Why Business Transformation Services’ well-thought-out and tested transformation framework continues to delight their customers
7:00am GMT
9:00am CEST
8:00am BST
Signavio logo

7 Steps to ERP Transformation

Signavio - Mark McGregor, Head of Strategy

Reaching across people, processes, customers, technology, data management, and risk management; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) transformation is nothing less than a company-wide disruption. New processes, new ways of working, and new paths. This 7 Step Guide to ERP Transformation helps you navigate the murky waters of this demanding but rewarding opportunity.

  • Applying the 7 Step Model to increase your chances of success
  • Why a process-centric approach can reduce change fatigue and frustration
  • How to make smarter use of process data to evaluate and accelerate change
8:00am GMT
10:00am CEST
9:00am BST
unitymedia logo

Using process management technology to find valuable potentials for automation: A case study

Unitymedia - Nina Schönert, Process Management Expert

Telecommunications powerhouse, Unitymedia, has an equally powerful role to play in the digital economy. Business transformation in the world of broadband Internet, television, mobile, and fixed line services, has a big impact on both businesses & consumers. With a vast network servicing millions of people, Unitymedia explores new ways of company-wide automation, including RPA. This session demonstrates how company-wide process management finds approaches to support business automation.

  • How to evaluate company-wide automation potential using process modeling & simulation
  • Automation opportunities for customer service operations & the entire company
  • Why data-driven insights help identify the right processes for automation
9:00am GMT
11:00am CEST
10:00am BST
bofrost logo

Collaborative business processes: Delivering for Europe

bofrost* - Ildefonso Alonso, Team Lead Process Management

The unique product variety of bofrost* is now delivered to more than four million homes throughout Europe. Join this session to discover the collaborative business processes that help make this happen:

  • How bofrost* made effective use of collaborative tools to create the “bofrost*Wiki” as a single source of truth for the company
  • How bofrost* overcame access limitations of legacy systems to improve collaboration across the organization
  • The benefits of providing employees with knowledge & experience related to business processes in an efficient & user-friendly way
10:00am GMT
12:00pm CEST
11:00am BST
BPM&O logo

The customer perspective integrated into business processes

Phil Winters, Data Whisperer/Customer Champion, CIAgenda
BPM&O - Fabian Schwarz, Business Consultant, BPM&O

In the age of digital transformation, customer-centric strategies are key. But how do you create a customer experience framework that helps drive business innovation? This session offers practical insights & use cases on how to make the customer journey central to business, IT and digital initiatives.

  • Defining the Customer Journey using a customer-centric approach to BPM
  • How to effectively integrate Customer Journey Maps into your Business Processes
  • Practical insights & use cases, including downloadable materials to apply in the workplace
11:00am GMT
1:00pm CEST
12:00pm BST
Universitaet Lichtenstein logo

10 Principles of good Business Process Management

University of Liechtenstein - Professor Jan vom Brocke

Business Process Management has great potential for organizations to increase operational excellence and deliver digital innovation. Leveraging this potential, however, is difficult for a lot of organizations in many ways. Specifically, companies struggle to manage BPM initiatives to effectively deliver sustainable business value. In this interactive session, Professor Jan vom Brocke – a leading BPM researcher – presents:

  • The 10 principles which successful international companies apply in their BPM initiatives
  • Practical examples, including checklists that can be applied across industries
  • An interactive self-assessment tool to measure your BPM fitness according to the 10 principles
12:00pm GMT
2:00pm CEST
1:00pm BST
sbb cff ffs logo

Destination: Operational Excellence

Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS)

Ranked first among national European rail systems, operational excellence lies at the heart of what SBB, the Swiss Federal Railways, does. Keeping passengers, freight and cargo moving safely and on time is no easy task. This engaging session offers insights into what it takes to run a widely-used, first-class network of assets & infrastructure with quality of service, reliability and safety.

  • Insights into SBB’s global process management initiatives that help make it a leader
  • How operational excellence is applied to managing a large network of assets and infrastructure
  • How internal business transformation processes impact customer experience
1:00pm GMT
3:00pm CEST
2:00pm BST
9:00am EDT
iRealise logo R-Path Automation logo

De-risking Robotic Process Automation for HR directors

i-Realise - Chris Collins, Chairman
R-Path Automation - Andrew Woessner, Founder & CEO

RPA is disrupting the traditional role of HR departments and the way HR tasks are managed across the organization. Join this interactive session and discover:

  • What RPA is and how it can help HR Directors digitize the employee journey
  • How to identify the areas you can automate, as well as those you can’t
  • A practical example of employing robots in onboarding
  • How to get your business ready for RPA, and avoid common pitfalls
2:00pm GMT
4:00pm CEST
3:00pm BST
10:00am EDT
bbc logo

Repurposing process for a dynamic digital age

BBC - Sarah Bullen & Sandra Sheppard, Operational Excellence Leads

The British Broadcasting Corporation is the world's oldest national broadcasting organisation, and has more staff than any other broadcaster in the world. With a mix of operational, commercial, creative, and administrative divisions, keeping such a large and complex organisation functioning smoothly is a complex task.

In this session, you will hear first-hand how the BBC:

  • Used BPM as the foundation to improve and enhance process excellence
  • Dealt with the unique triumphs and challenges of their BPM journey
  • Implemented a process repository tool, and how they continue to use it
3:00pm GMT
5:00pm CEST
4:00pm BST
11:00am EDT
deloitte logo

Sustainable Change Through Model Driven Development

Deloitte - Sanjiv Nathwani, Principal

As the desire for digital transformation grows, and customer expectations continue to rapidly evolve, firms are being pushed toward a need for change. As such, they are looking for low-cost, low-risk, and more agile ways to implement change. By leveraging Signavio to enable Model Driven Development (MDD), firms are transforming their SDLC to de-risk application development while also achieving dramatic cycle-time reductions. In this presentation we will highlight how to:

  • Gather requirements in an iterative manner across all stakeholders to drastically reduce translation or clarification issues
  • Conduct large parts of user acceptance testing via simulation within the design environment prior to any software development
  • Significantly reduce the cost and time associated with software maintenance
4:00pm GMT
12:00pm EDT
9:00am PDT
BPM-D logo

Digital transformation: Performance through process

BPM-D - Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Managing Director & Co-CEO

Join this session with BPM visionary Dr. Mathias Kirchmer and discover how to effectively apply Business Process Management to help drive digital transformation outcomes:

  • How to create value through high impact business process models
  • How to apply customer journey maps to digital process design and execution
  • How to sustain results through process governance and repositories
5:00pm GMT
1:00pm EDT
10:00am PDT
Prudential logo

Transformation in action: designing new on-ramps to existing infrastructure

Prudential Financial - Nancy Wight & Evan Hipszer, Process Management Specialists: Continuous Improvement

Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU) is a Fortune Global 500 company with more than $1 trillion of assets under management. With over a century of business innovation behind its success, join us for rare insights into how business and digital transformation at this iconic company has helped it remain a global leader in the insurance, investment, and financial space.

  • Why transformation requires knowledge of existing highways and why each individual driver controls the journey
  • How the Continuous Improvement team provides the GPS on the road to success
  • Challenges & Opportunities: Providing the process to fix potholes both large and small
6:00pm GMT
2:00pm EDT
11:00am PDT
aflac logo

Connecting Business Processes to the Customer Experience

Aflac - Dedra Mitchell, Senior Manager, Business Transformation

Insurance giant Aflac is a Fortune 500 company, providing financial protection to more than 50 million people worldwide. Aflac does business in two of the largest insurance markets in the world, the United States and Japan, and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the U.S. Join this session for a window into how business transformation can help drive best-in-class customer experience.

  • End-to-End visibility of processes and touchpoints in the customer lifecycle
  • Alignment of customer pain points with operational efficiency/deficiency
  • Visibility into internal operational KPIs and external customers measurements and their correlation
7:00pm GMT
3:00pm EDT
12:00pm PDT
GCI logo

The role of organizational culture in transformation

GCI - Angie Burris, Director OpEx

Digital disruption has meant that effective business process management requires more than just the adoption of technology. Join this session from GCI, Alaska’s largest telecom, and discover key strategies to help drive and shape business transformation outcomes.

In this session you will learn:

  • The role that culture and change management plays in transformation
  • How to drive a process-oriented culture and champion change in your organization
  • How to leverage processes and technology to accelerate transformation


How do I access this virtual conference?

Registering for the event gets you access to all sessions. You will receive a single link that will be valid for the entirety of the day.

Will I receive a recording of all sessions?

Yes. By registering you will automatically be included in a follow-up email that includes recordings of all Signavio Live sessions. You can expect to receive that email within a week of the event’s completion.

Will I be able to ask questions of the presenters?

Yes. You will be able to ask a question at any point during the session, and it will be answered during the Q&A portion of each presentation.

What language will the presentation be in?

All presentations will be conducted in English.

Who is Signavio?

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