SAP Transformation Excellence Summit - Sydney

SAP Transformation Excellence Summit Sydney 2024!

Transform your business confidently by focusing on business processes, data, applications, and people. At our summit, you can explore how improving processes and IT parallelly can ensure holistic transformation. Because executing within scope, time, and budget calls for transparency across your entire IT landscape and all your business processes.

Running your business transformation in a value-driven and agile way means optimizing business processes and enterprise IT architecture. Discuss with industry peers as well as SAP and LeanIX experts how to scope the innovation potential for your business transformation journey, find the best process improvement opportunities, and ensure a common understanding of your objectives. Don't miss out on this chance to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and simplify complexity. Your transformation journey starts here!

Event Highlights:

  • Identify priorities for planning and executing the holistic and continuous transformation of your entire business processes and enterprise architecture.
  • Insights to Action: Understand your process and IT landscapes, derive improvement measures, and execute collaboratively.
  • Find out how to secure your investment in the business transformation initiative and deliver the expected outcomes and values continuously.

In addition to the summit conference, sign up to get additional insight on your SAP S/4HANA Cloud transformation at our exclusive practitioners' masterclass on Day 1, empowered by SAP Signavio and LeanIX solutions, based on the SAP Activate methodology.

This event is exclusive, and seats are limited. Register now for this free event!

Date: May 7-8, 2024
Venue: Pier One Sydney Harbour, Autograph Collection (


Session 1:
How to prepare your data for process mining?

The do's and don'ts of data preparation - includes feline wisdom from the 19th century.




Data Preparation - Context, Steps and Questions




Case in Point

Session 2:
S/4HANA Transformation Masterclass -

A hands-on workshop for practitioners along the SAP Activate methodology


Introduction & Welcome


Overview of SAP Activate Methodology


Discover and Prepare - Challenges, activities and demo




Explore - Challenges, activities and demo


Realize, Deploy and Run - Challenges, activities and demo


Wrap-Up, Feedback & Closing

Session 1: Preparing data for your process mining initiative is a key step and getting it right is what will determine the ultimate success of the initiative. In this session we will cover what to do, but more importantly what not to do during data preparation. You will learn about the three key steps and contexts when preparing your process mining data, when to use and not to use accelerators, all with a real example. Set your process mining initiatives for success by preparing data the right way.

Session 2: Challenge, rethink and implement successfully: focusing on business processes and enterprise architecture of your SAP S/4HANA transformation. Join this practitioners’ masterclass and learn how SAP Signavio and LeanIX can accelerate the value realization throughout all phases based on the SAP Activate methodology. You will get deep insights on how to tackle common challenges, master complex activities and see first-hand the innovative capabilities of our BPM and EA (Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture) solutions.



Speaker: Matt Wilkinson, Head of SAP Signavio, ANZ


Regional Keynote


Executive Keynote: Discover a new approach delivering immediate value for ERP transformationsSpeaker: Dee Houchen, Chief Marketing Solutions Officer, SAP Signavio


The Third Wave of Business Process Management

Experience renowned Dr. Michael Rosemann's keynote about the Third Wave of Business Process Management in the age of AI. Learn about the related shifts in the way we design and interact with business processes. As we have now entered the data-led, AI-enabled wave on business processes which requires not only new skillsets, toolsets and datasets but most of all mindsets, master the discussion of the third wave from the frontseat.

Speaker: Dr. Michael Rosemann
Director, Centre for Future Enterprise, QUT


Networking Break


Process meets Architecture: Business Transformation with SAP Signavio & LeanIXSpeaker: Alessandro Manzi, VP Product Management, SAP Signavio


Establishing BPM Capability to De-Risk and Accelerate Transformation

Learn how Asahi Beverages has strengthened their BPM capabilities across the organization with SAP Signavio to drive their strategic initiatives realizing value

Speaker: Audra Perkins, Group Head of Business Efficiency from Asahi Beverages


Networking Break


Sponsor Presentation


Enterprise Architecture Journey of GrainCorpSpeaker: James Drummond


How to drive sustainable change in complex organisations by a holistic approach Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Management – A Customer panel of experienced practitioners. Customer Panelists:
Lara Meyers, Business Architect, Powerlink Queensland
Elliot Heitman, Lead Program Manager, various financial and public institutions
Nikkam Nanda, Manager Business Excellence, Revenue NSW


Networking Break


Internal Sessions

Scale innovative transformation across your real-life processes and data

Streamline business transformation across complex enterprise landscapes by combining AI-infused transformation intelligence, enterprise-ready data management, and process automation. See how SAP Signavio solutions and SAP Business Technology Platform can enable better, more-optimized processes based on best practices and business-value realization.

Speaker: Craig Walker

Explore SAP Signavio and LeanIX's innovation roadmap for business transformations

Embark on a journey of exploration as we unveil the innovative road map for business process transformation with SAP Signavio solutions and enterprise architecture with the SAP LeanIX portfolio. Discover innovative strategies, tools, and insights driving ERP transformations and organizational excellence.

Speaker: Brett Jones

Explore AI driven business transformation with SAP Signavio

Discover the future of business transformation with Generative AI. SAP Signavio's vast process data and 50+ years of SAP knowledge enables tailored AI solutions, unmatched in quality and power. With Large Process Model (LPM), we pave the way for quicker, simpler modelling, mining, and transformation, pioneering the future of business optimization.

Speaker: Gia Thi Nguyen

Breakout Room 1


Partner presentation


Business Process Management Track

Breakout Room 2


Partner presentation


Transformation Track

Breakout Room 3


Partner presentation


Enterprise Architecture Track


Cocktail Reception

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