At Signavio we always start by asking “why”! So why should you join us?

Multinational culture

Do you want to improve your working life by learning in a multicultural environment? Here at Signavio, we have more than 28 nationalities from all over the world under the same roof, sharing moments and activities. You never have to change yourself to fit in and you’ll always work in a place that believes in you first and foremost. We achieve results as a team!

Think Strategic

As one of the fastest-growing BPM companies, and with a CEO who has been chosen as “The Innovator of the Year,” Signavio is a great addition to any résumé. You can build skills here that will last your entire career. The sky is the limit! This is not just an expression at Signavio, it is a strong belief.

Make it easy… No worries

We understand that timing makes a difference when looking for a job. That’s why we don’t leave applicants waiting for ages for an answer or to schedule an interview. Two months to get a  “Receipt of Application” email, another two months to schedule a potential meeting, a couple of months to find out the final decision… Who has time for that?! Signavio keeps it simple, quickly recognizing the potential of applicants. There are no long, complicated recruitment procedures like those you may have experienced in other companies. Have no fear of a probation period that is too challenging both in terms of the job itself and your fit within the company culture. At Signavio you will feel at home and be given interesting tasks right away.

We are not just hiring, we are growing our family!

We don’t do things because we have to, but because we love what we do! We are part of a family, not just employees. The future of Signavio is our future, and we want to be a leader in the international market and reach our goal of “BPM for everyone” together. We are scouring the globe — from Austria to Singapore, Australia to the United States, and beyond — to find new family members to share our success with!

Signavio’s Spirit

Close to the workplace but far from work! The Signavio team is engaged in many activities together outside of work, including running clubs, movie nights, and more. It isn’t just about after hours, though. Signavio cultivates a fun-loving spirit in our workplace, with foosball and table tennis always ready in our amphitheater, next to a big open kitchen for birthday parties and celebrations. Feel free to attend weekly yoga and workout sessions, and go back to work with a creative spirit. Christmastime is family time, and Signavio hosts a yearly Christmas trip for the whole team. Last but not least, once a year the entire company goes away to “Code Camp” for four days in a far-flung corner of Germany, bonding and working on exciting projects together.

Herzlich willkommen in Berlin!

Located in Germany’s capital city, there’s no chance you’ll get bored. With our office based in the center of City West, Berlin, we offer a very attractive location. The city is open-minded, has a fascinating history, and the best sights around. You’ll have everything at your fingertips. We look forward to seeing you in our daily pre-lunch presentations, before enjoying lunch at one of the many great local spots!

Back to the first question: Why should you join us? Because working at Signavio is awesome!

Luay Ranko (Marketing Assistant)