Signavio is constantly evolving. Our products, our company, and our team are expanding rapidly. So where do you fit into the picture? Our story begins in Berlin in 2009 with a small office and big plans.

Signavio. Make your ideas counts

We’ve changed a lot in the past few years, but we haven’t lost sight of our original mission. From ambitious start-up to global player, with over 200 employees across the globe, we have our sights set on making history.

BPM for everyone

From the very outset, our common goal has always been the same; we strive to create products that people love to use. We want to democratize Business Process Management and make it accessible to everyone. Our Business Transformation Suite is a tool that enables collaboration and fosters innovation in a transparent platform, and this reflects our ethos as a company.

Over the last few years, our small Berlin-based team has grown a lot, reaching all the way round the globe with locations in Singapore, Australia, the United States, and Europe. This is reflected in our customer base, with over 1 million people using Signavio to transform their businesses worldwide, including AirBnB and Zalando.

If you value being challenged by a team of bright minds from all over the world in various global locations, both employees and customers, then we want you on board.

We recently chatted with one such team member who made the leap from Colorado, USA to our headquarters in Berlin. Hear about Rachel’s experience in her own words below.

Image of Rachel Stiles

Interview with Rachel Stiles, Technical Writer

You’ve just joined Signavio’s Engineering Department as a technical writer and our 200th employee! So, why Signavio?

It was a mixture of things, partly the desire to work for a software company, and especially the culture. It’s rare to find a company with such a genuinely warm, nurturing and also driving culture–a place where you’re supported but always pushed to improve yourself and reach new heights. It’s fun to work in a place where you’re always challenged.

What’s been your favorite experience so far?

Definitely our new agile coach, Adiya, bringing me candy on a near-daily basis!

More seriously,  just being part of a team of so many incredibly smart and talented people is an experience in and of itself. I’m a little intimidated, to be honest, but they inspire me to work hard and bring my own work up to their level.

What makes you a Signavian?

At work, I’m focused on producing the best documentation I can and ensuring that I’m continuously working on improving my skills and getting past this learning curve I’m on with regards to GitHub.

On a personal note, I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Namie Amuro’s discography and career, and spend probably too much time reading Terry Pratchett novels.
As our team expands across the world, it can be quite a challenge to keep up the joint spirit. How do we do it? One method is Code Camp, our annual one week get together in Germany, where every employee (even our Aussie counterparts on the other side of the world) gets together for group workshops, activities and a little party or two ;) You can find out all about next month, right here on the blog. And if you’d rather be there than read about it, why not join the team?