Simplifying Processes to Boost Performance Company-wide

As a heritage brand, Westpac is already part of the daily lives of millions of customers. Equally true is that just like any other bank or financial institution, Westpac operates within one of the most heavily-regulated industries in the world. Today, however, the pressure for modern compliance excellence is not only coming from regulators: it is a consumer expectation as well. 

Previous lending and compliance practices have led to waning consumer trust in financial services brands and the rise of innovative challengers, meaning customers have more options than ever. To maintain their loyalty, Westpac needs the right solutions to improve the way consumers engage with your business, and translate the best customer experiences into operational reality. 

The solution blends customer-centric imperatives with operational excellence at scale, delivering a solid connection between journeys, processes and data to make continuous experience improvement a fundamental component of the way you work. At the same time, Signavio provides the solutions you need to raise the standard of your compliance framework, while also cutting costs associated with regulatory requirements.

QBE Success

With significant and ongoing changes in the organization thanks to global growth based on recent acquisitions, it became more and more challenging for QBE to ensure efficiency and consistency in its daily operations, especially given the relatively strong financial accountability regime in Australia.

What QBE needed was a system to help the business navigate through a transformation, helping to maximize efficiency and therefore enabling employees to deliver on customer promises at any time. Learn more about this QBE success story.

How Signavio Can Support BFSI Companies

Banking compliance solution watching thru BPM and BDM glasses - glasses lying on a table

Banking, financial services and insurance organisations (BFSI) in Australasia face a disruptive period of transformation and compliance overhaul. Our white paper "Compliance Excellence in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)" outlines exactly how Signavio can support BFSI companies to survive and be successful in a changed regulatory landscape.

Our Solution

Signavio’s support for risk and compliance management means you can:

  • Build a stable and consistent process environment, so compliance and governance violations can be detected, and risks responded to rapidly. 
  • Simulate scenarios and testing controls before rolling them out, to improve organisational risk management without affecting day-to-day business. 
  • Fully automate conformance checks, making complex manual reporting a thing of the past.
  • Set process automation to cut down on repetitive work, reduce human error, and detect and eliminate incidences of non-compliant behaviour. 
  • Deploy process mining across internal auditing departments for greater transparency, so auditors or risk assessors can leverage process mining to determine how processes execute from a compliance perspective (adherence to specific guidelines or regulations, fraudulent behaviours, and so on).

Simplifying your overall strategy by combining the strongest of ethical approaches with a focus on customer experience? Sounds like the Westpac way.

Watch this short demo, to see what Signavio can offer.

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