Telecommunications organizations can be intimidating in their scope and complexity. To react quickly in this highly competitive marketplace, companies must have a strong grasp on their sprawling end-to-end operation. With Signavio’s business transformation platform, telecoms can position themselves to remain effective and dynamic.

Signavio Process Manager, our best-in-class Business Process Management (BPM) tool, enables telecoms to visualize their whole value chain and all the sub-processes living within it. This allows organizations to:

  • See how the entirety of their operations fit together
  • Optimize processes to increase efficiency and improve outcomes
  • Respond quickly to changes made necessary by either consumer demand or regulation
  • Identify key customer touch points and ensure they are carried out with exceptional service

Meanwhile, decision logic can be outlined clearly with Signavio Process Manager, available as an extension with Signavio Process Manager. Telecoms face a regulatory environment highlighted by increasing complexity. To ensure compliance, legal requirements must be properly represented throughout every organizational decision. The Process Manager allows telecoms to act on any new regulation without missing a beat. And because of its seamless integration to the Process Manager, there is traceability from specific laws directly to daily work.

Once processes and decisions are aligned and optimized, Signavio makes it easy to put models into action throughout your organization. Signavio Workflow Accelerator is a workflow solution built with end users in mind, and its intuitive, no-code interface makes large-scale adoption easy. Not only does it integrate fully with Signavio Process Manager, but it also connects to a host of third-party applications (such as Google Drive & Salesforce).

Together, these tools allow telecoms to model, optimize and execute their processes, transforming business for the better.

Get started transforming your telecommunications operations today! If you’d like to learn more or schedule a product demo, please get in touch with us at And if you want to test Signavio Business Transformation Suite out for yourself, simply sign-up for a free 30-day trial.