Automotive companies are balancing disruption and continuity while racing into a new world of agile mobility. Overarching trends such as connectivity, autonomous driving, sustainability, and electrification are shaping the space in real time.

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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

With changing customer preferences, the automotive industry needs to develop new business models, gain efficiencies to drive innovation, and transform mission-critical systems with reduced business risk. And all this must be done in lockstep with improved customer journeys and running a profitable business.

Full throttle: Business process transformation solutions from SAP

Business process transformation solutions from SAP are designed to support this effort. The solutions combine process analysis and mining with process and journey modeling, simulation, automation, and governance. SAP Signavio capabilities can help make continuous process transformation a source of sustained competitive advantage.

Meaning: Faster time to market for increased service and production revenue.

Steering new potentials

With SAP Signavio solutions, companies of all sizes can run a process-centric strategy that accelerates the journey to digital transformation, operational excellence, and customer centricity, supported by deep insights, prebuilt content, and user-friendly collaboration and process management capabilities.

Understand more clearly how processes function and where you can make sustainable improvements for customers. Identify areas for automation with a transparent view of operations. Get a better understanding of how your automotive company runs. Document, model, design, and simulate processes, and outline their interconnection to create a shared understanding for increased performance at scale.

Understanding customer needs

Take a deep dive into improvement opportunities with the added value of experience-driven journey modeling – during shopping, point-of-sale, order fulfillment, and customer service interactions, and more.

Deliver against the competition

The solutions provide collaborative process mining for a better understanding of process performance and potential bottlenecks – which is essential for the heavily regulated automotive industry.

Example: Issues relating to compliance adherence and risk management

SAP Signavio solutions help you improve across departments, system landscapes, and data sources, from data acquisition and management to detailed overviews.

For SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA Cloud customers, there are capabilities for instant insights. Drill into key performance indicators (KPIs) and process performance indicators (PPIs) to support critical changes. With additional benchmarking functions and automated correction recommendations, you’re in the driver’s seat – you can make the most effective process improvements for continued success.
Customers starting their digital transformation with RISE with SAP can also take advantage of the value-adding business process transformation starter pack. The pack includes capabilities from three SAP Signavio solutions and is exclusively included in RISE with SAP!

SAP Signavio solutions: Putting you in the driver's seat

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