Academic Institutions

Education is democratizing, and lifelong learning is being embraced at all levels of society. The fast paced change in business and industry means academic institutions must constantly evolve to train ambitious students who can solve global problems.

This is simultaneously an enormous opportunity and threat for academic institutions around the world. On the one hand, savvy institutions are taking the lead and engaging technology to transform their operational and business models. On the other hand, that same technology provides ample room, in an increasingly liberalized market, for competitors to edge into the domain of traditional academic institutions - universities and technical colleges. It is clear academic institutions must now do more with less while responding to the demands and opportunities created by globalization and technology.

Business Process Management (BPM) enhances academic institutions’ ability to respond to, and capitalize on, the threats and opportunities of the future:

  • Alignment of institution operations with strategic direction, faster identification of opportunities and effective Change Management practices.
  • Optimization of academic institution operations to keep costs down.
  • Boosts compliance in highly complex organizational environments - especially important as, for example, institutions merge similar courses to gain economies of scale.

Signavio Process Manager makes managing business and organizational transformation more effective by getting everyone in your team involved in modeling existing and imagining future processes. Finally, Signavio Process Governance enables you and your team to create workflows to pull your people, processes, decisions, and technology into a slick, transformed system.


Academic Institutions must find ways to cut costs, increase quality, keep up with the demands of business and students and provide innovative student experiences. Signavio's academics process management provides the control and functionality required to not simply manage complexity, but translate it into profitable opportunities.

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  • Reduce costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Create great learning experiences
  • Transform your institution